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In Another World With My Smartphone (TV).

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Episode 12 (Finale, I think)

Has an anime ever been this brazen in creating a harem ending, yet also at the same doing a not quite romance built ending from a lack of commitment? I was actually kind of on board that he seemed to actually accept things with the princess, that in terms of the show, she had kind of built the be his partner, and then just had to force the harem. To be fair, his character in the episode was largely around how he did not think he could actually meet such a responsibility. There really was not much else in the episode, except that they seemed to bring up a lot of plot points to be unresolved with it ending here, things that I noticed were pretty on display in the OP. Like the one guy who appears in the OP and was maybe in the last 30 seconds.

To talk about the series as a whole. This series is junk food, you know it is bad, it really not refined, and is super messy, but somehow I kept watching. And it was not a torturous; "why can't I look away", but I actually get enjoyment out of this. I can't even say it is ironic enjoyment, I am interested to watch it mostly the way it presents itself, it is like messed up in of itself. But an again repeat that it is not good, I could probably go into great detail about horrible the character writing is, how it and the scenarios could be improved with better realised ideas that could get you to feel more invested. That most of what it does stand on is I would say some pretty shallow idea of how the author clearly wants to play out his power fantasies, and I think they even removed the sort of things they did not care about to make something they liked.

It is fanservice. The general idea is that fanservice is sexy girls, but really that is only one type of fanservice, and I would say that this show is filled with a different kind, like a distilled recipe. And there are good and bad things to that, maybe even makes it strangely difficult to even say what a good series even is. Not sure where to put a maybe segue, but something I think certainly was not right was a little bit of show the duke's daughter as a member of the to be wife gang. The princess pushes it a little at being a young age, but I think the rest of the show managed to use this fantasy setting to show her as more than her age, but her cousin not so. Actually. I am going to put in a little complaint that character wise the princess probably came out the best as being assertive and in control, but she might have actually had the least to do combat wise.

I suppose I should give a rating for this series. I will say Not really good (4/10), because it really is not good, yet somehow manages to not feel like a waste of time.
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