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Love and Lies (TV).

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 5:51 pm Reply with quote
This was such an odd little series for me........

You can certainly refer to the premise as "unique". I normally watch these kind of shows for the main characters and their romance and nothing else. However, unlike most of them, it's the lesser main characters that really make this series work. Ririna and Nisaka? They're awesome. Misaki? She's all right. She might be a little bland but she's able to communicate to the person she likes. And she has a secret so this makes her a little more intriguing already. Nejima? He is the biggest drawback. He's really not that interesting or charming and that is a pain because we're supposed to accept that three people love him when they deserve someone a whole lot better.

Despite this, I like the four of these characters together. Nejima and Ririna work well off each other. Nisaka and Misaki work well off each other. Ririna and Misaki work well off each other and Nisaka and Nejima certainly work well off each other.

In the end, Nejima is basically a tool to explore who these other people are. It's a shame he's not more of a person but I can accept it. After all, other characters would not be as likable if it weren't for this bland kid. lol He brings all of them out somehow.

I recommend the manga for anyone who did like the series; it has some pretty good bits; Yajima's backstory in particular made me really like his character. The art is not particularly good (mostly anatomy issues) but the work itself is a decent manga. The most important part of a drama is to convey the emotion from the characters to the reader, and the manga author sure knows how to do THAT really well.

Extra note that I found the OP catchy, it was one of the OP this season I would find myself humming it.

Yeah, it grew on me. I prefer the verses over the refrain though. Interesting thing: "sorrow" and "happiness" are repeated three times in the refrain. Misaki is shown on the "sorrow" vocals and Ririna is shown for the "happiness" vocals. Obvious who the show wants us to ship, isn't it? Anime hyper
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