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Classroom of the Elite (TV).

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 28, 2017 8:03 am Reply with quote
Episode 12 (finale)

That final twist of the camping arc was kind of obvious. One of the first things I thought about when they explained the rules was about what circumstances could mean they could swap leaders, and it was pretty obvious that losing their leader to poor health would probably be a good reason. So while it was cool, it was not so much that our main character thought of what he could do in the end., more that no one else seemed to even remember that rule. I guess the best twist than was that Ayanakouji is far more of a non caring sociopath than we had been lead to be, and that little emotion came into play except for him wanting to win. It could lead to an interesting next season, kind of like how SNAFU's second confronted Hachiman being far too self sacrificing to be healthy, and even if the hero can be oh so cool with doing the wrong thing for the right reason is not actually cool, which might be doing the right thing for the wrong reason. And going off of the SNAFU comparison, just as with Yoshino, I do not get behind the somewhat worshiping of Horikita that I think might come from both similarly. They are both characters who are actually immature in their anti-social behaviour even in the face of their Yamato Nadeshiko designs.

Most this season just managed to get me interested in these character, I guess I am curious about the other side of Kushida, that seeing more of her would be high on my list. But I was also fond of Sakura, who came in fairly late for the show, had her "moe" quirk of anxiety and shyness, and felt like she was growing in the face of it, which I guess I feel like some character growth would be good. I don't know, it was not like this show was amazing, maybe underperformed, but I would not even say it started off being that great, it kind of kept stable at being a somewhat mediocre despite it clearly wanting to be better. Maybe apt to say it wanted to act like it was in the elite class of anime, but was not quite there. Acting a bit like that one guy who was in love with his muscles, which makes me can't help but consider it might be more aware of the perceptions, and that a good sequel could really complete this one.

As of now I would rate it Good (7/10), it actually was not bad to look at and stuff, but I would also say is unfinished despite feeling like an okay place to stop, but my opinion on all of it will hinge on how a sequel may go.
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 28, 2017 9:22 pm Reply with quote
I found this to be a pretty entertaining series and I hope this is more of it. I was disappointed to find out that Ayanakouji is not a decent guy after all (or so it seems). If he truly is all about winning no matter what, then it is odd he spent so much effort trying to appear middle of the road. Although, I suppose he felt there would be an advantage to not sticking out. But if you're all about winning no matter what, deliberately putting yourself in D class seems odd unless you are really into challenges.

Welp, off to try and find some Kushida doujinshi.
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 29, 2017 5:54 am Reply with quote
Personally, I liked this anime. I understand that the anime feels more like a loose adaptation of the novel as it's incomplete and some characters from other classes didn't get as much focus. Not to mention, we really don't find out much about Kiyotaka and Kushida's background stories. I haven't even read the novels so I have no idea yet.

That being said, it's obvious that Kiyotaka's skills are MUCH higher than class D's, in fact probably higher skilled than Class B students. The way he planned out everything while taking his chances shows a lot of his potential. Not to mention, he also made Horikita (a classmate that dislikes making friends) see him as an ally in the end.

Well, the finale was rather open ended. They're still in class D and nothing changed much except that other classes should probably be aware of them from now on.

Overall, I rated it as a good show although it could of been better if it's 2 cour or longer.
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