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NEWS: Jūni Taisen Anime's 2nd Promo Video Reveals More Cast, October 3 Debut

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 11:52 pm Reply with quote
Another show to look forward to in October together with Dies Irae.

I assume the website translators looked at the official site for the characters and translated the words next to 殺す for the comments on killing styles. I disagree with some of the choices, so I've offered alternatives. I doubt they'll be taken on.

ただす (殺す) = Perfectionist killer. (Ushii seeks the title of "genius killer" since the age of 5, so makes sense rather than "kills directly". It's implied each time he kills he looks to improve his methods)
酔った勢いで殺す = Drunken killer. (Nod to the Drunken Martial Arts movies from China, her focus on claws and her drinking parties with friends support this assertion)
遊ぶ金欲しさに殺す = Mercenary killer (No idea where robbing came from, but the two brothers kill because they want money to party)
豊かに殺す = Voluptuous killer (There are five meanings to this Kanji and the website translators chose the default one with no regard to context. One look at the character design and a read of the character synopsis shows which reading is the most appropriate)
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Weakness 1 (For Me):
Zodiac, Knights, Tarot, Anthromorphs.
Weakness 2 (Continued):
Bloody, spectacular, frantic Battle Royale.

Usagi looks weird, but bring it on.
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