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NEWS: Crunchyroll Reveals Plans to Dub Anime into Foreign Languages

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Chichiryuutei wrote:

My friend, I'm not speculating or trying to spread fear. I work for a company that acquire another company (2 years in). They said the same thing Funimation said "no changes are expected for the upcoming future." Once, 4 years had passed, they had a huge layoff, reorganized the entire company and brought in people from HQ to manage the new site with the new company atmosphere. Why 4 years because that's how long it took for the integration to happen.

Now, Funimation is a much smaller company so Sony is going to be able to move a bit quicker. Also, Sony is a Japanese conglomerate... with huge power in Japan. Where are all the anime production committees again??? How many production committees have allowed foreigners in? Yeah, that should tell you that Sony is going to get a seat at the table not Crunchyroll/others.

Sony TV marketing will probably run a join PS+/FunimationNow campaign and increase the subscribers over night. Funimation is going to be hugely influential now. And, Sony has the reach to go after other dub markets. It's only a matter of time before every service has multi dub shows and that's going to be great for everyone.

Plus, does Sony really need Crunchyroll? Think about it. It's done. Everyone is trying to carving a space in the anime pie due to Netflix's and Amazon's attack.

Was your company anything like Funimation? Again I'll believe it when it's confirmed Rolling Eyes
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