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The Controversial Politics of Classroom of the Elite

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 26, 2017 9:27 am Reply with quote
Animegomaniac wrote:

Of course, that brings of the idea of the perpetuated underclass and its actual use to society... Wait, is this show really stupid or smart? I can't tell anymore... Ok, let's say this is a school... not too hard since it is... if you want to have a great average of smart students, you get rid of the ones pulling down the average. And the best way to do that... most legal in other words... is to give the students the means of their own destruction as some sort of "prize".

I read through the thread and I found the negative reactions to be very kneejerk... kind of like yelling at a street magician about a bad trick involving a rabbit and a hat while the guy's stealing your wallet. Yes, the school is a scam and yes, so is the philosophy used. And that's the point.

The concept is employing social economic theory and people fall for it thinking "Ha, you think your pretentiousness makes you smart" not realizing how its theme as well as the school's purpose is more about "down and dirty" practicality than some grand experiment in lofty ideals.

This was a thought provoking comment, thank you! Although I'm not as convinced as you seem to be about the Randian thing you mentioned earlier. It could go down that path (I hope not) but the show also keeps framing that type of unrestrained self-interest in a sinister light, so I'm not completely wary. It IS a constant discomforting specter though, you're right.

What you say here is what I'd hope out of the show's ultimate thematic trajectory. We're probably never going to get that far (unless this thing unexpectedly sells like 10k in disc sales lol), but I've enjoyed my time with it. Ayanokoji x Horikita OTP!
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 26, 2017 9:40 am Reply with quote
Blood- wrote:
you ask me to a single example of Akanokoji putting himself out there, encouraging his classmates to cooperate with one another and taking risks for them at his own expense? Um, are you even watching this show? Remember when Ayanokoji stepped in and stopped Horikita's brother from hurting her (thus revealing he was proficient in martial arts?) Or how he was involved in getting Sudo out of his jam? Or how he helped Sakura deal with the lecherous telephone sales guy? Or how he saved the dude who was set up to look like the panty thief?

Ayanokoji was "forced" to help the alleged panty thief. He was talking to him and then had the panties thrown at him. The Horikita & Sakura incidents are BOTH incredibly standard "harem" trope incidents and neither suggest wider themes of altruism any more so than 20 other shows I can name, like: Netoge, Oreimo, Haganai, Gamers, Chuunibyou, TWGOK ALL of which have "oh no, this person is threatening me" "stay away from her, I'm heroic and look don't you love me now". And that was just off the top of my head. I can also name at least a half dozen shows where the protag SAYS "I just want a normal life" and then does the exact OPPOSITE of what would make that happen. Again, JUST off the top of my head: GATE, Tanya, Oreimo, (arguably)Chuunibyou, re:LIFE, Aldermin on the Sky. That's STANDARD "blase" anime protag trope. It's not emblematic of any theme of altruism, it's standard rote "secret" busybody anime character.

(Also, I just want to note, I'm not denying that the incidents HAPPEN, I'm saying the CONTEXT of them is not in line with the article, especially since it casts Ayanokoji's "altruism" as part of a larger greater "whole" but ALL of the named incidents are done where NO ONE ELSE can see them and are part of his efforts to manipulate things BEHIND the scenes rather than "in public", which is why I say he's not "putting himself out there" or otherwise REALLY risking himself for the greater good. He is instead doing things for his personal (arguably selfish) sense of purpose, just like Horikita)

For the record, I'm one final time gonna say I LIKE these types of shows, for that reason I can tell you that everything lauded as "optimistic" about this show can also easily be argued as "misogynistic and/or patriarchal" in the same way most every other harem anime has been.
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PostPosted: Tue Sep 26, 2017 11:07 pm Reply with quote
anybody can answer how do classes of classroom of the pretentious get their points & move up to another rank?

that is the core value of what's driving this series

and to top it off on why i called it pretentious, stop hiring THOT for teacher & letting her waving around cleavage even though her shirt has buttons
no wonder she's teaching a D class, modesty & profesionalism isn't in her head, on top of taking bribes from her students
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