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Answerman - There's Bara Manga... Why Isn't There Bara Anime?

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 16, 2018 3:23 pm Reply with quote
DmonHiro wrote:
Lemonchest wrote:
Is much bara about underage/barely legal teenagers?

From my understanding, almost none of it is.

As a straight man, I too want to see more variation of the male body. Guys like Takeo from Ore Monogatari and Klaus from BBB look awesome, in my opinion. It can't hurt to have some variety.

I like that we're starting to see more Bara-style characters in anime. Takeo is fun, and Klaus V. Reinhertz is awesome (such a gentle giant). And of course, surprised no one mentioned it yet, here's the King of Bara himself, Rider (Iskandar) from Fate/Zero.

It might take a while for any kind of Bara anime to happen; the closest thing may as well be an anime-ization of Gengoroh Tagame's My Brother's Husband. But I can't wait for the day when a Bara anime premieres on television to hopefully great acclaim.
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 16, 2018 10:47 pm Reply with quote
MetalEmolga wrote:
The impression I was given from what I've read. Is that editors were reluctant to publish certain stories. And that stories depicting women with sexual agency were more controversial back then than now. Even the example of a shojo with sex you provided features a male protagonist.

While there are some fujoshi who absolutely won't read het sex. I'm not convinced there the majority of fujoshi. Or that their driving force behind BL's popularity. Someone can both like BL and Shojo the fandoms aren't enemies.

There definitely is culture at play and it has changed over the last 50+ years.

It would be interesting questions how many fans have some aversion or dissatisfaction with female characters or heterosexual sex. Over the years I’ve encountered some fujoshi espousing those feelings. Though, only one who ever took it to the length of holding a grudge against other genres, even things like YA literature. I’ve sadly seen people think there should be some fight between BL and yuri fandoms too despite there is intersection there as well. Speaking for myself I care for BL less than the others, but still engage with areas of its fandom sometimes. We should all be friendly.

MetalEmolga wrote:

Not really. Bishonen type characters were popular in Shojo before BL become a thing. If you include ukiyo prints then it's an old beauty ideal that BL writers repurposed. BL doesn't necessarily have to have bishonen characters either. There's a subset of BL that has more buff, muscular characters like the ones you see in gay manga.

Forgive me the point I was referring to was in your answer to Yuvelir. They were inarticulate but I think trying to express the idea of liberating the sexuality of girls. This is exactly again something Takemiya and other female artists during the period had awareness of. Sagawa has also said he felt he could not ignore the segment of readers for whom the JUNE magazine was a refuge for some of the same reasons I articulated BL can have value before.

Did I say artists need to use a certain type? I remember I wrote I feel there is a reason related to the demographics and history as to why there are a good number of BL stories with younger characters. But, girls kept reading as they got older and turned into women. Yes, BL today has a variety of characters of various ages as well as bodies. I quite like looking at the art of Tetuzoh Okadaya for example. Might be nice if some of her work were adapted.
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 14, 2018 3:29 pm Reply with quote
Slight necro-post, but might Legend of the Blue Wolves fit the bill here?
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