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INTEREST: Go Nagai Draws CD Art for Cutie Honey Universe Opening Song

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 29, 2018 5:09 pm Reply with quote
Was that CD (Ai ga Nakucha Tatakaenai) an OP Single?
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 30, 2018 12:03 pm Reply with quote
It's a shame that CHU's opening theme is so generic and unmemorable.

There is NO WAY that theme is better than the classic Cutie Honey theme.

Uh-uh... The Cutie Honey theme is 45 years old at this point but it keeps getting brought back because it's catchy, has a beat you can dance to, and it's just fun to listen to and makes you feel good (unless you're an ultra politically correct twit).
NOBODY'S managed to screw up that theme song and I've listened to every official version made for the various Cutie Honey series and they all sound great.

Why mess with perfection when it's already here?!??

Then again, i don't get it with character redesigns and costume changes for characters that are decades older, either. The new designs they come up with live-action film and new animation are inevitably crappy and utterly generic 85% of the time. This has unfortunately been the case with a lot of the decisions made for CHU.

(Heh... and ironically, the acronym "CHU" really does fit this new series to date!)

The biggest OPENING mistake they made with Cutie Honey Universe was NOT reusing/rescoring the classic Cutie Honey theme song like they have for the previous anime and the 2004 live-action film. It's the thing we older fans complain about most with CHU besides the fact that the series has been utterly generic (poorly directed, questionable storyline changes and subplots) and just not much fun to date. I've given this series an honest chance and watched all the episodes as they were released subbed but it's just not Cutie Honey or a very good anime series, period.

I'm sorry but the original 1973 anime, New Cutey Honey, and Re: Cutie Honey were just so much better than Cutie Honey Universe has been up to this point! They were better-written, better-directed, and just far more enjoyable. The 1973 series with its creaky animation was delightful to experience. They cast the original Cutie Honey PERFECTLY with the classic voice actress of Fujiko Mine and the original version of the theme song was excellent as well (and arguably got better in the reorchestrated versions for later renditions of Cutie Honey in anime). CHU is barely better than a visit to the dentist's office!
I know that if CHU doesn't improve within 6 episodes that I won't bother to buy it when it becomes available on Blu ray...

Again, why the producers of CHU chose to shoot themselves in the foot by NOT reusing the classic Cutie Honey theme is a mystery to me UNLESS the record label representing the music act that did CHU's theme paid for part of the CHU anime series production. That's the only thing I can figure because surely it can't be that expensive to relicense the classic Cutie Honey theme song OR pay someone to reorchestrate and rearrange it like they did in the past!
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