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PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 9:55 am Reply with quote
Tyler Bregg wrote:
Rising Shield Hero - I read the manga for this long before it came out because I loved having a cynical main character who doesn't take shit from anyone and I wanted to see the ***** get put in her place. When I read it I thought nothing of the false rape accusation and was unbelievably surprised at some of the backlash and people questioning the authors views on women...

This, more or less my thoughts (though I personally don't care much about the manga, rather read the light novel...). Wonder what the reactions had been had all the characters in the story been genderswapped?

Also, I have to point out, mods don't look good on people defaming or hurling insults on other users or reviewers here, which I am totally behind, keep it to the topic people.
But on the other hand, the staff seems perfectly fine at letting a reviewer basically accuse an author of being misogynist simply because of the story he/she wrote?;
Nick, Shield Hero, review wrote:
...Given all this, Shield Hero's premise feels like a tone deaf story choice at best, and an indicator of the author's own feelings about women at worst.

In context, Shield Hero's premiere did every conceivable thing in its power to communicate that this was the latter case. But this author isn't just angry at women—his bitter paranoia extends to basically everyone around him.

Tyler Bregg wrote:
...since the author's a woman do your homework Kevin.

We don't have any official confirmation either way and the author's gender doesn't play any role anyway in this discussion. Note, this reminder also applies to Nick.

Also to all the detractors of this property on this thread, it wouldn't be that popular both in Japan and in the West(it often places itself in rankings) if there wasn't something appealing in the story as conveyed by the author...
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 19, 2019 6:27 pm Reply with quote
Blanchimont wrote:
Wonder what the reactions had been had all the characters in the story been genderswapped?

You'll have to keep wondering. Stories like that are incredibly rare, because there is no mass societal paranoia about men falsely accusing women of rape. Which makes sense, because that hardly ever happens. The inverse also hardly ever happens (and when it does happen, there are usually minimal consequences), but, well, refer to previous quadrillion pages of arguing.

Blanchimont wrote:
But on the other hand, the staff seems perfectly fine at letting a reviewer basically accuse an author of being misogynist simply because of the story he/she wrote?

The author, being Japanese, is probably never going to see this thread, and so will not get involved in our still-smoldering flamewar. So it's not really the same thing as viciously attacking other forum-users. Also, writing and publishing an entire light novel series and getting it made into an anime shows quite a bit more commitment than a forum post someone spent ten minutes typing; whatever this show is trying to say, or appears to be saying, is open to criticism, and must have some connection to the author's thoughts and feelings (what's the point of art, otherwise?).

Of all the arguments floating around this show, "but how can you infer the author's political leanings from their writing?" is the one I understand the least. Its message on this subject seems pretty clear. If you don't like that message, and maybe didn't pick up on it before reading the reviews, just watch something else; not noticing a political slant doesn't necessarily mean you agree with it.
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 10:17 am Reply with quote
You know it's getting to the point that they should just make anime originals from now on, since it's starting to feel like manga that was popular when they started out eventually become offensive by the time they're animated. Years from now if they decide to finish animating Silver Spoon (even less likely), people will find it offensive to folks with lactose intolerance. Or vegans in general.

I can pretty much forget seeing Mushoku Tensei being animated now, that's for certain. Might as well anticipate seeing Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei getting an English release.
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2019 7:26 am Reply with quote
Wow... spoilers be damned. The thoughts and "foresight" you guys have on Shield Hero is just so... wrong. Now I get where it comes from but damn... the projection, predictions and description of the world and premise of this series is just... wrong. Like heaven forbid the hold back certain elements of the world to be later revealed in later chapters as... well elements in world building. Or that the author chose to start from a the more negative aspects in it's character building rather then fulfilling one's power fantasy that the hero will outright always come out on top and save everyone the first time they meet.

Honestly the way the reviewers talk and see the Shield Hero pretty much how the people and jerks in the manga are made to see the Shield Hero. The people and royalty don't see him as a victim of circumstance. They have their prejudices based on minimal information and it won't be until much later they see the truth of the matter and the truth about the hero. The same as how later on in retrospect, these reviews were so off the mark and jumped down the PC rabbit all so eagerly, thus again, paint and audiences view of the "professional objectiveness" of the ANN team. A team who will probably jump to conclusions again about the relationship between Shield Hero and his slave girl. The same conclusions characters in the manga and light novels jump too. Only to be shown that they were wrong about their relationship.
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2019 11:15 pm Reply with quote
I don’t always have a lot of time so I try to read a few reviews before picking my next anime, really glad I decided to ignore the columnists at AnimeNews on -The Rising of the Shield Hero- and give it a go anyway. One of the better Anime I’ve seen in a while and by far the best I’ve seen so far this year. Defiantly doesn’t deserve the low score they gave it Sad
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2019 2:54 am Reply with quote
This outrage has given the anime so much popularity. A lot of viewers hearing about it got curious, and jumped into the show blowing their expectations off the charts. lol. On the bright now, it's getting much more fans as deserved. The review really is biased, but well most reviews are subjective anyway though, haha.

Also nice to know from the reddit interview with the producer of the adaption for Shield Hero, how such controversies does not exist and will not affect the airing of the show whatsoever, and that shows like Shield Hero will continue to be adapted in the future without problems, was a great comment to read posted by the producer.
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