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Black Clover not being special, is what makes it special

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If the tittle seems familiar it is because this is a quote taken from the manga, this is what the witch queen said to describe Asta when she found out that he had the lacked magic but that same thing made him the only person able to wield the anti-magic swords, and I'm amazed that one of the principles that the manga uses to drive its story and one of the defining characteristics for its main character can be used to describe why the manga is this good.

Black Clover is a very solid manga because it follows the principles of Shounen "friendship, effort and victory" that many generations of manga has used before in a well paced cycle that shows the strengths of these principles.

First "Friendship", every arc has us and Asta getting to know someone new, a new Black Bull member, another magic knight, or even someone from the common folk of the kingdom like Rebecca, from here Asta builds a new bond with someone and usually helps them grow and in turn Asta grows along with them, exemplifying how friendship is important for Asta and the story. Omegle

Next comes "Effort", it is no secret how much Asta has worked in order to get as far as he has without a ton of effort, this is what the manga translates as one of Asta's best quotes "My magic is never giving up", and every arc Asta demonstrates how much effort he has put so far and how much he is trying to get over the obstacles that have been laid out in front of him, going with the Vetto fight as an example we can see that Asta went through insane amounts of pain, getting his arms broken, and a psychological beat down, seeing all the people Vetto already defeated and insisting on him to give in to despair, but despite that Asta pushed himself to keep on fighting.
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