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REVIEW: Kakuriyo: Bed & Breakfast for Spirits GN 2

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2019 8:47 am Reply with quote
.... Oryo is irritating? Really?

I haven't read this or seen the anime, but I saw the stage play and Oryo was my favorite character... maybe just because she was really cute in the stage play, I dunno. (I saw it for the actor who played Odanna, but then he ended up only having one worthwhile scene... which is just after this part, I think. The part where they come across the accountant guy with the cats. The cats were done with puppets in the stage play, and that was really cute.)

I felt like Aoi was sort of generic for fantasy-shoujo things. (I really liked Saiunkoku way back when, and everything else of this sort just seems bleh in comparison to that. Except, oddly enough, this one manga called Dawn of the Arcana, but everyone else seems to have ignored that in favor of Snow White with the Red Hair and Yona... both of those made me drop them right in the beginning because the guys were too tsuntsun, they reminded me of Inuyasha, which I never got into because the characters always felt shallow...)

Oh, and the spider guy. He was great in the stage play, but that's because his actor's just great in everything.

... aside from the puppet cats, the production was sort of bleh. The costumes were too literal, so the colors felt cartoony in real life. And they did the thing where in the beginning, they try to recreate the anime opening and have the cast all walk across the stage and do a pose, and then all dance, and that's like... cheesy, but a lot of plays have that.
I feel like if they'd tried, and taken more creative decisions and made something like the Tsukipro and Touken Ranbu stage plays, this could have made a really good play, but it... didn't.
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2019 9:37 am Reply with quote
#884745 wrote:
.... Oryo is irritating? Really?

Only in this volume, really. In the anime, at least, she gets much better; this is just the early stages of her development as a character.

There was a weird fixation with red-haired fantasy heroines for a while there, and I agree, Dawn of the Arcana got criminally overlooked. I mean, I enjoy Yona and SWRH, but Dawn of the Arcana is much more unique. I'm liking the mangaka's other English-release series as well, although not quite as much.

That's a shame about the bleh production, though I'm glad to hear that Spider Guy got done justice. He's cranky, but he has decent reasons to be so. Smile
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