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REVIEW: Cooking with Wild Game Novel 1

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 26, 2019 4:29 pm Reply with quote
I enjoyed this one. I can see it not being for everyone, but if you have any interest in something that's more grounded, cooking-focused, and a bit slice-of-life-ey, it's well worth a look. I grew up in a family that hunted out of necessity, so i got a real treat in the author's detailed descriptions of animal carcass butchering and prep (reminded me of my childhood days, when my dad and mom would drag a prepped deer carcass onto the dining table, and then cut and grind all the meat in an afternoon).

Like the reviewer stated, this book feels very grounded compared to many other fantasy isekai titles. No RPG elements, no magic (that we can see, anyway), no shortcuts. And i quite liked it as a refreshing change of pace.
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 26, 2019 7:08 pm Reply with quote
I remember reading the manga for this and being bored out of my mind.
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The source webnovel for Wild Game is still ongoing regularly in Shousetsuka ni Narou since 2014; about a rate of 1 chapter a day.

The story pacing IS very drawn out though, spoiler[in Vol 11 it's revealed Asuta's only been in his new world for about 3 months. Much detail is spent not just on meat preparation, but also on innovating his cooking styles to match the tastes of the otherworlders. There's also an ongoing plotline about the corruption of said tribal group and their links to a conspiracy headed by the most influential noble in the nearby provincial city that governs the tribespeople, although it isn't cleared up until Vols 12-13.]

He knows that there's no way he survived the collapse of the burning building, meaning that there isn't a feasible point of return for him even if inter-world travel was once again possible.

spoiler[Asuta tends to muse over his situation at times; whether he was sent over by any deities or if this is a spiritual halfway point before his soul passes on for good. No definite answer has ever been given as of yet.]
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