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NEWS: Viz Media, Manga Plus Apps Publish The Last Saiyuki Manga Simultaneously in English

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 04, 2019 1:57 am Reply with quote
Read it and...oooh boy does this one need to go on the “someone call Child Services” list.

Ryunosuke’s dad is utterly abominable (I won’t go into spoilers just what the article and the first couple pages state). He makes his son quit school and then become the caretaker of a child who needs constant supervision not only due to her needs but the fact that if she speaks global disaster could occur.

And yes, he abuses Ryunosuke in the first chapter on top of being negectful and his dad knows the risks involved.

This is an uncomfortable read and not in a good way.

Conversely, without spoiling things, considering the risk involved, would it not be better to either make Koharu incapable of speech or kill her outright? It’s cruel but if the alternative is hope a young girl whose only character is a boy only one year older than her won’t Speak out of turn and end the’s a much more rational decision.
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 04, 2019 9:59 pm Reply with quote
Wow, child abuse & neglect, and likening blindness to solitary confinement (if you don't know why this is bad, trust me, it's an ableist mischaracterization of a disability hundreds of thousands of people live with), not to mention needle noses (Escaflowne called, it wants it's noses back!) How many disturbing elements can one single chapter of shonen manga have?

Mostly, I have questions. Such as why the main character's father is even allowed to care for children at all, let alone adopt one not his own. He's a piece of work.
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