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EP. REVIEW: A Certain Scientific Accelerator

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 12, 2019 12:58 am Reply with quote
zrnzle500 wrote:
Even if city is a school town, that doesn’t explain why there aren’t more adult espers.

I think that has to do with the age of the power development curriculum. Or if you mean why don't they create espers from adults, their curriculum is designed to develop their personal realities from childhood. Basically, can't teach an old dog new tricks kind of thing.

NeverConvex wrote:
Aside from Accelerator's obnoxious scream-o approach to dealing with his personal identity crisis*, this also reminds me of one of the things I've always found least compelling about this universe (whether in this show or its kindred), and episode 5 of this show highlights it nicely: in a world overly saturated with freaky powers, why in the hell would anyone volunteer to be a plain, no-powers police officer? I mean, good god -- in this episode, 4 powered kids just took out everyone in her squad except her, and dealt with the spider-bot her entire team couldn't put a dent in, yet the lady anti-skill lead is giving little speeches about how "an adult will handle this".

Uh, OK. You do that. I'm sure you holding a standard-issue "state-of-the-art" shield will be super helpful and not at all pointless and definitely not not-even-a-meaningful-delay-to-the-tiny-terrors when friction-girl rains paper plane bombs on your head.

Yomikawa is kind of just overly idealistic.

As for Anti-skill, their primary jobs are just teachers. I'd imagine a lot of it is wanting to help kids correct their paths. There are several specific Anti-skill people this holds true for who get enough time for the reader to know. Also, high level espers are suppose to be fairly rare. Remember Misaka 10046? She is a level 2 with 10,000 lives of battle experience, and she lost to one guy. A trained Anti-skill member with a taser and a shield can probably handle most espers in the city.

Anti-skill is usually stopped from getting involved in anything serious by the higher ups as well. We see this here with the obstruction of information regarding DA members and frequently in Railgun, and I don't think the reason is simply to avoid getting caught. This is a city which will allow pretty much anything 'for science.' They do have better stuff which gets deployed outside the city. The mach 12 (or whatever ridiculous number it is) fighter and bomber pilots are Anti-skill (well at least some of them). In this case, they were only called in because a board member screwed up and needed someone to clean up his mess. The city has various 'dark side' groups that the board of directors usually call in to handle the crazier stuff. I feel like Anti-skill essentially just exists to handle the mundane low risk law enforcement and to maintain a public presence distracting from the city's real enforcers. Obviously they do sometimes run into something ridiculous.
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 19, 2019 11:20 am Reply with quote
The only issue I really have with the recent episode is the cutting. I felt the editing and the way scenes flowed were a bit confusing at points particularly with Accelerator against the paper user

Besides that, I did like that the Scavangers are so out of their league both in ideological views (seriously they hate teachers but are working indirectly under Aleister and various other “Teachers”) and their powers ( Scavengers are lv3-4 at most from what I read)

It was nice to see Accelerator go cackling maniac again. I also imagine the show will get more dramatic in powers as it goes on

Edit: I want to open a topic to the floor: a comparison between the fights in this show and the Accelerator vs Kakine fight.
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Fred Lougee

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 19, 2019 4:04 pm Reply with quote
This episode to me was like every kid post-1980 who ever completely misinterpreted Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall, pt. 2 getting their comeuppance by Accelerator, who shows up and says "Why yes, you do in fact need an education and I am here to provide it." Twisted Evil

I am detecting a trend in the foes which have been fought thus far, and also in what we have shown of the power-brokers holding their leashes. A bunch of over-enthusiastic Anti-Skill gone rogue, a quartet of girls spouting adolescent rebellion drivvel, a mid-level esper given a team equipped with toys which complement her power. That is all people who were rather easily manipulated into doing somebody's dirty work by the promise of a boost in power. It seems to me like someone invited a select few of the very rich and powerful of the city to form a star chamber with the membership requirement being that they create a strike team which each one personally controls. Thus far Accelerator and Anti-Skill have combined to take out three of the teams.

I suppose that they could be the three weak teams, the ones who were the easiest to recruit, thus the easiest to remove. That would be typical for any series writing, not just anime, and would insure us of even flashier battles ahead for Accelerator.
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