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EP. REVIEW: A Certain Scientific Accelerator

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Fred Lougee

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 29, 2019 10:11 pm Reply with quote
Izanagi009 wrote:
Okay, now i'm curious about what people are thinking in regards to this series and Accelerator as a character.

As such, if possible, please respond to this post with the reasons you don't think that this is better than Index 3 or why you dislike Accelerator as a character

Wow. Negative much?

I'll start by saying that before Index III premiered I rewatched the first two in short order because I wanted to have everything fresh in my mind but I intentionally omitted both Railgun seasons. I didn't think there was anything in there which would be carried forward into the third season of Index. Given that Index III was a pacing nightmare it probably would have been a lot better if the writers had not included characters and situations which were first introduced in the second season of Railgun because all they wound up doing was distract from Touma and Accelerator's separate actions. Okay, the dufus wound up helping out a little bit in the end, by being a distraction, but mostly he ran around in the snow trying to keep his GF alive.

The biggest flaw in the Toaru Majitsu no Index franchise is that the mains are close to cardboard cut-outs of standard tropes. Touma is your basic bland, optimistic MC-Kun. Can't swing a catgirl without hitting 20 of them. Index is your standard imouto with the twist that she's an actual Sister. (please spare me the "bad habit" jokes) Railgun is a tsundere and her roommate is a yuri yandere. The reason it's easy to hate on Accelerator is that the character is created to be fundamentally unlikable. But he's the one who breaks the mold of standard trope.

It established that he was originally only a Level 2. He became a Level 5 through hard work and pure vitriol. His only motivation is to get to a point where he's so powerful that people stop messing with him because people have been messing with him his entire life and he's fed up. That's it. No dreams of ruling the world, no nihilist fantasy, none of that. Just get strong enough that nobody dares mess with him so he can go off and be left alone, the rest of the world can do what it wants so long as he's not bothered.

I was disappointed to learn that the Accelerator series was a flashback to events before Index III. He's fully healed at the end, when we see him bust out of the captivity of Academy City's goons, and I am really looking forward to watching him go neanderthal on a few deserving souls. Nevertheless, it was an entertaining series, despite being uneven, dragging in a few spots, and the occasional lapse of logic. I'd give it 3.5 Stars out of 5 where Index III would only get 3 out of 5 from me, mostly due to the pacing, shoving way too much plot and too many characters into the allotted time frame.
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Stampeed Valkyrie

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 02, 2019 8:51 am Reply with quote
So just wrapping this up, and I'm still meh on this title.
On the plus side it wasn't Index 3.. thank god.
On the negative it's going down the same path.

Anyone want to explain what happened to last order halfway through this series? It's like she was just written off.

Summary.. its not as bad as index 3. And on its own its OK, but the Accelerator character neither holds my interest after a few episodes, nor has the complexity needed to be a long term MC.
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