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NEWS: Japan's Anime Market Hits Record High for 6th Consecutive Year

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 30, 2019 7:07 pm Reply with quote
yuna49 wrote:
Amazon still has pretty decent taste in the shows they select. Right now they are carrying Vinland Saga, Blade of the Immortal, Babylon, and Psycho-Pass 3. Mostly they leave slice-of-life shows to Crunchyroll and Funimation with the recent exception of Girls' Last Tour, hardly a typical SOL offering.

Most of Amazon's simulcasts have come via deals they made with license holders, rather than being individually selected. During Anime Strike, they had exclusive streaming deals with American distributor Sentai Filmworks and these Japanese programming blocks:

The Sentai deal was ended with the end of Anime Strike at the end of 2017, and the other two expired at the end of 2018. Made in Abyss, Princess Principal, and Girls' Last Tour were all Sentai shows, which is why they're all now on HiDive (and also on the HiDive VRV channel in the US). But Sentai also licenses a lot of, shall we say, less highly regarded stuff, which is why "My Girlfriend is Shobitch" (better translated as "My Girlfriend is a Faithful Virgin Bitch") was among Anime Strike's simulcasts.

This made it amusing to see an Anime Strike rep claim that "At times, there are over 50 anime series simulcasting per quarter, so we’ve focused on curating our top picks."

Dororo, Vinland Saga, and Babylon being Prime exclusives is thanks to Amazon's continuing deal with Twin Engine.
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 01, 2019 7:51 am Reply with quote
NOGI48 wrote:
Japan needs to stop putting these DVD/Blu-ray boxsets that only have 3-5 episodes in $60. That's the main reason why home video sells are decline.

After over a decade of just 2 episodes a disk expecting them to increase the number of episodes so soon is asking a lot.

With the rental market shrinking fast in Japan in recent years after lasting far longer than it did in the west the print runs for anime collapsed and so the per disk cost went up.

What will happen is they will continue as is till streaming takes over then just stop printing discs or do what Warner Bros did at one point and do print to order with all the expense that brings if you want a physical copy.
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