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INTEREST: Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! Episode 1 Director Discusses Making of the Episode

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 08, 2020 1:51 pm Reply with quote
Horsefellow wrote:
Chrono1000 wrote:
The vast majority of guys like femininity so I don't think it was done for that reason.

Stuff like Barbie and Bratz weren't exactly popular with guys back in the day. And most shoujo series usually don't find large male audiences outside a couple like Sailor Moon or Pretty Cure. There's definitely certain ways you can have female characters to alienate guy viewers. It's all about the style of the show.

That is mostly true for kids anime such as the card battle shows and magical girl shows that are broadcast during the morning but I was thinking of late night anime which is broadcast at about 1 am. Cute girl shows such as Endro, Hanayamata, Is the Order a Rabbit, K-On, Lucky Star, New Game, Yuru Yuri, and many others. It does vary based on genre and the type of story being told but those shows are usually made for the seinen demographic. To release an interview where the director says that the main characters in the Eizouken anime don't act girlish sounds to me like an attempt to advertise the show to women.

Horsefellow wrote:
There's going to be a live-action adaption of Eizouken that stars an idol group later in the year. That might go for the cute girls doing cute things portrayal with that kind of casting.

That does make it sound like the director of the anime and the director of the stage play are going with different marketing strategies.
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 13, 2020 10:47 am Reply with quote
@Leviathonlx Perhaps and honestly, there is nothing wrong with that. People have the right to dress as they like. But this does not negate the fact that the main characters are still feminine enough to talk about gender neutrality. I don’t think that tomboy-ish main girl is unusual, especially in a show that is not aimed at an audience of a certain gender.

@Chrono1000 It all depends on your goals. Most CGDCTs are focused on moe fans, so their portrayal of female characters in the vast majority of cases will greatly depend on the tastes of the male audience at the moment. Shows like Asobe Asobase are primarily based on comedic absurdity and ironic dialogues, so as you may have noticed, its anime doesn't care much about the sex appeal of heroines.

In turn, many shoujo animes like Kaichou wa Maid-sama are famous for their gender-neutral audience, not because their characters are attractive enough, but because the gender-neutral narrative and lack of special shonen / shoujo-ish tropes make them more accessible for a wider audience. Not to mention the cases when the CGDCT/action all-female shows attracts girls because of the pretty female representation or when the guys like to watch shoujo because of a more realistic and less fetish approach to romance.

Yes, external attractiveness is often a decisive factor for positioning work, but this is not the only way to appeal to the viewer.
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