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INTEREST: Broadcasting Ethics Group Plans to Watch Interspecies Reviewers

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 15, 2020 7:18 pm Reply with quote
Elves wrote:

When was the last time you saw a man's junk full frontal on screen - without any censorship? If you cringed or looked away because you were uncomfortable you aren't allowed to take the attitude of "women wear skimpy clothing it's their own fault they're objectified." Because if you can't objectify a man on screen then it's not fair to do so to women.

Everywhere in the media women are constantly expected to look at other women's bodies on screen and not bat an eye. We're supposed to look at the boobs and the butts and everything else like, "It's no big deal," as the masses have deemed this "normal" behavior. But heaven forbid a guy's junk is there in all it's full functional glory for other guys in the audience to objectify - and ogle over - the same way the do about women's bodies. about clothing designers out there quit making women's clothing so freaking tight and skimpy? Why don't guys look at girls in baggy pants and t-shirts like they do the girls who wear "little clothes in the street and clubs" the same way? How about stop thinking that objectifying everyone is all right. It's not. It's rude.

In the future, when both males and females are able observe/view their own gender's bodies on screen with a voyeuristic gaze, and do so without feeling uncomfortable about it at all, only then will we be able to declare that society has reached gender neutrality on this particular topic.

In Japan it is illegal to depict genitals. So it is unreasonable to expect a show to depict penises when it is against the law. It is also important to realize that breasts are not genitals and should not be treated as such. Also wearing tight and skimpy clothing isn't objectifying that's ridiculous.

Personally I am tired of people treating women's bodies as defacto more sexual than men's bodies to the point that the exact same body region is treated as sexual on women and not sexual on men. It's sexist and dumb.

And to be honest when straight people complain that they are uncomfortable looking at sexualized versions of their own gender I see that as homophobia more than anything else.
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