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NEWS: Lupin III THE FIRST, Seven Days War, On-Gaku: Our Sound Films Compete at Annecy

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PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2020 12:28 pm Reply with quote
It's a pity that the Annecy's Festival is "physically" canceled.
But the good news is that for a subcription of only 15€, anybody will have online access to all the movies that should have been screened during the festival.
A smart move from Annecy Fest. staff, and I hope that other international events of this caliber will follow their example.
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Lapin noir

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PostPosted: Sat May 30, 2020 12:02 pm Reply with quote
I cannot see Japan Sinks, or any Japanese production, in the list of TV productions in competition at – I imagine that it could have been withdrawn since this news article was posted.

It might also worth mentioning that though “The Balloon Catcher” is the only Japanese-produced short selected, there are two others made by directors of Japanese background: the U.S. production “Beyond Noh” (“Beyond Nō”) (trailer here), co-directed by Kaori Ishida, and the German production “Just a Guy” (trailer here), directed by Shoko Hara.

It’s definitely worth keeping in mind before paying for a pass that, due to rights issues, not all features will be available in all countries, and when one isn’t available it will be represented by either a 10 minute or more extract or a documentary presentation. There’s no list of which features are available where, but, going on my experience of Japanese rights-holders and that the films already have distribution deals in various countries, I’d be very surprised if Seven Days War, LUPIN THE 3rd: THE FIRST or ON-GAKU were available outside of France. Perhaps ANN or anyone else might be able to contact the festival management before the 15 June opening for confirmation about where the four in total Japanese features can and cannot be played.

I don’t want that to put off people delving into what else the festival has to offer, however. It’s a small one for Japanese productions this year but a big one for those from other East Asian countries, which are much less likely to ever again be available with English subtitles in Western countries once the festival finishes.

Gonbawa wrote:
A smart move from Annecy Fest. staff, and I hope that other international events of this caliber will follow their example.

The one payment for access to everything model has already become pretty standard, with Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film earlier this month and Monstra right now both using it: Annecy is a follower in this regard, not a trendsetter, but is one of the longer-running and better-known of film festivals in general to have adopted it so far.

I really hope that Annecy’s bigger size and higher price means its streaming service will be more competent that Monstra’s, however. I made the mistake of paying for that before reading the technical requirements, which are bizarrely excluding of Apple products (considering their widespread use among animation and other art professionals).

Others (the upcoming Nippon Connection for one) are going for a pay per film/programme model, which is good if they can do it on Vimeo because then I have the advantages of the Vimeo applications, getting them in 24 fps in the TV application or downloading them in the mobile application, so that I can still play them while someone else in the household is streaming something. But the problem with rentals for me is that, with the capability of other things to get in the way at home in a way they couldn’t in a cinema, I cannot always get around to watching all of a feature or programme of shorts within 48 hours of starting them.
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