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NEWS: Otakon Announces Fred Gallagher as Guest of Honor

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 22, 2007 10:12 am Reply with quote
Personally, i think you're all quite insane. MT is a good webcomic, and trust me, I've read a LOT of pretty weird webcomics. I've never seen anyone who could incorporate the styles of fine literature (plot twists, humor, vernacular language, themes like good v. evil, etc...) into a story so well, much less a webcomic. Besides, even if you can't appreciate his rhetorical style, the story is good anyways. Most people I know who have read the comic (big anime and manga fans, parents (both of my parents like the story a lot), siblings) found it easy to relate to, and isn't that what's natural? I would think that a good majority of anime writers aim for either a connection or a really good story, and I personally think that MT is both.

Secondly, I don't see why people are so worked up about him going to Otakon. He's been there before, and it's not like it's been a disaster, right? i think you all are blowing this way out of proportion. Relax! His comic does not spell the end of manga in the US. It's just a different take on the matter. What we really have to worry about is the purists who say that only Japan creates REAL anime and manga. Suuuuuure. Just look at Divergence Eve (shown on Anime Network). I worry about that more than I worry about non-Japanese webcomics.

And some fanboys are just that crazy. Not just MT fanboys. if you read Fred's latest rant, there's a bit about fanboys in Japan being that crazy. Look for yourselves.

Please stop ballooning the subject and have a good time at Otakon. (Some of you lucky bastards get to go!! Damn summer classes!) T-T
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 22, 2007 9:37 pm Reply with quote
I'm actually really proud of Fred Gallagher making Megatokyo as good as it is. I've highly enjoyed the storyline from the first comic to the last one I've read. It just amazes me that people can be so harsh. I mean, look at poor Antarctic of the most successful independant comic companies around and they can't catch a break for crap. Sakura Con invited a bunch of the AP crew including Wes Hartman, Ben Dunn and Rod Espinosa and nowhere on their website or any of the information given out to con-goers was it mentioned that these guys were gonna be there. Ben Dunn is practically the father of Ameri-manga or OEL as some call it. He's just as talented an artist as any manga artist out there. Just because he happens to be an American doesn't mean he's any less talented. Same goes for Fred Gallagher. While some may not particularly like his style, to say he's not talented would be doing a disservice to the man. Why are comics such as these looked on by so many anime/manga fans with such contempt? More power to them if they wanna draw their comics that way. I don't remember much of a big stink being made by fans of American comics about Kia Asamiya drawing Uncanny X-Men for a few issues. Why make such a big deal about an American guy drawing comics in the Japanese style? Like Tempest said, it shouldn't matter where the artist comes from. I think guys like Ben Dunn, Fred Perry, Fred Gallagher and Rod Espinosa deserve a lot more credit for what they've done for the manga industry in America and the comics industry in general. Without guys like them, the American manga industry (and probably anime as well) wouldn't be where it is today. Not only have they done fans of manga a giant favor but they still are by popularizing these things to the point where it's looked on as a profitable market. The least people can do is acknowledge their achivements instead of snubbing their noses...
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