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PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2007 12:31 pm Reply with quote
I've always believed Zegapain was one of the sleeper hits / most underrated shows of 2006. Very few people have watched it, and those who have watched it were generally unimpressed, and I can understand why.

I remember when I first watched it when they showed the first episode I was thoroughly bored because there were better mecha shows out there (coming right off a Eureka Seven euphoria back then didn't help either). The couple episodes moved so slowly and were so cliched that I gave up.

I didn't come back to Zegapain until I heard of how great it is from 4chan later in October and I starteed watching it again. This time I kept my patience, and surely, the show started picking up from episode 5, and it then became REALLY GOOD from episode 9 onwards.

This is one of those series that takes a long time to get really good, and when it does, it does get really good. Unfortunately, it has already fallen off most people's radar by then (unlike Geass, which was an attention grabber from episode)

As a huge mecha fan, I'd say that the mecha action in this series isn't that great. It's like Geass - one of those mecha shows in which the mecha isn't the main focus of the show.

I'd highly recommend anyone looking for some good human drama to check out Zegapain - at least past episode 10 - before you give it a verdict. I know I'm definitely getting the DVDs when they get released.

Kudos to Bandai for licensing this! I know they'll do this series justice
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Richard J.

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2007 1:04 pm Reply with quote
Oh my God! Jigoku Shoujo was licensed by Funimation!? Shocked Anime hyper Cool

I just got back on my computer after enjoying Easter with the family and sleeping off a virus and this is the uber-deluxe great news I get. Alright! Go Funimation! I can't believe the company I most wanted to pick this one up actually licensed it! My head is going to explode I'm so excited!

Funimation's got the right voice talent and the right staff to really make this series a success. They've picked a great series to add one more level of diversity to their library and I sincerely hope that more people will discover this series and enjoy it as much as I have. I feel absolutely amazing right now! This news is wonderful!

Takes a deep breath.

Thank you Funimation!

Takes another breath.

Head explodes.

Anime dazed
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2007 7:08 pm Reply with quote
I was a little surprised...I guess I had kinda written it off that if JS wasn't picked up by now, it probably wouldn't be. Don't ask why, I don't know, just my mindset.

I really enjoyed the series and actually kinda liked the episodic nature of it. I do wish there had been more diversity in the types of situations that warranted revenge and thought they could have done more, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Looking forward to checking out what Funi does with it!
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