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Comic-Con International 2007 - Yen Press

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 28, 2007 1:22 am Reply with quote
They got a cheer fom the audience when they said they were absolutely against censorship.
THey also plan to do something different with the sound effects-to leave in the original Japanese art, but also translate not only the meaning but the actual effect (sounded like trying to convey how the Japanese view the word). Their goal, they said, is to give us as close to an authentic manga-reading experience without teaching us all Japanese
Yaoi is a possibility. Yeah!
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Plot summaries courtesy of Hakaisha of AoD:

Hakaisha wrote:

New Licenses
January 2008
Sundome vol.1, a comedy by Kazuto Okada, shrink wrapped and rated Mature, YP said they would leave the title as is which translates to something like 'Blue Balls'. A story about a club of losers who spend their time masturbating until a girl knocks on the club door one day and wants to join!

April 2008
Kaze no Hana vol.1, action/fantasy by Ushio Mizuta and Akiyoshi Ohta, about an orphaned girl who lost her memory. She's taken in by a prestigious family that wants her because she is a wielder of the seven swords. The story is about her trying to regain her memory and fit in with her new family.

Kieli by Yukako Kabei and (sorry I wasn't fast enough to catch the other collaborators name Razz ) two volume fantasy about a girl who sees dead people, adapted from a light novel series.

I'm sold on Sundome and I'm interested in the other two titles, but I'll need to hear more about them. They are both short though, so odds are good I'll give them a try.
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