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PostPosted: Sun Feb 22, 2015 9:12 pm Reply with quote
nbahn wrote:
So I've decided to expand the subject of this thread to include rentals -- in addition to locking the "Anime Online DVD Rental Outlets" thread. Therefore, I pose the following question: Does anyone rent anymore? (I don't, as I'm a broke college student.)

Yes. I rent as well as have streaming plans with HuluPlus and Crunchyroll Premium so that I can access them via my Apple TV.

Currently I am renting from NetFlix (2 disk plan) and Rent Anime (3 disk plan).

Netflix's ( anime catalog is not really that good and they don't add many new titles. For many of the titles they do have, they have not acquired additional seasons that have been released. Their service, though, is excellent and shipping times are two-three days to me. If they don't have a title in the distribution center closest to me (about 50 miles aways in the same state) they will send it from another distribution center as an "extra disk" so even though I have a two disk plan I occasionally will have three disks. They are not very good about adding missing disks back into their catalog even when the title is still in print so it is not rare to see they are missing one or more disks of a season for a title. The ALWAYS ship a new title on the same date as the check-in email. In usually takes two business days for a title to get back to them and be checked in. So DVD turn-around is very high and I get a lot of rentals for the price $11.99/month. If a disk arrives broken (four times in the 13 months of service with them) they will resend the same title even before receiving the damaged one. I have never had to contact their customer service. Their site is pretty good and easy to use, however they do not have a "series lock" type feature to make sure that if you add multiple disks of an anime's season they will come in the right order instead of just whatever disk happens to be next available in the queue.

Rent Anime's ( anime catalog is pretty large and they have been adding new stuff but slower than it is being released and not all the new titles. They had a slump in the quality of their service as they were shutting down AnimeNation which was/is the parent of RentAnime. Their quality of service was improving but is a long ways from that of Netflix. They have one shipping center in Florida and I am in Oregon. I have had service with them for seven months and the average time here from the date of their email indicating shipping has been just shy of five days (ranging from 14 to 3) and shipping back indicated by the date of check-in email has been six days (also ranging from 14 to 3). Although on their site it says normally within 24 hours after check-in they will send the next in the queue I have found it to average 42 hours (ranging from 0 to 288). They have many titles that are supposedly in stock and show up as low availability in the queue and contrary to what their FAQ says they don't quickly add more disks of the same title to keep up with demand. So all in all, the value for the dollar (a three disk plan costs me $19.95/month) I don't get many disks per month. The reason I rent from them is only because they have titles I can't rent from Netflix or can't stream (or the streaming version is one that has censoring blocking much more of scene than necessary or is done is such a way as to be completely obnoxious to me) the title. If a disk arrives damaged (six have come cracked in seven months of service being about ten percent of my total rentals from them) they say to email them and they will remove it from the current disks out and send the next available title in the queue. I have found that they may or may not actually do this before the disk gets to them. They are not all that quick to reply to email and more often than not, they don't even reply at all though I know they read it. For example, I had a five disk plan and email to change it to a three disk plan because they were not able to ship me all five disks in my plan due to low availability of the titles in my queue and they changed the plan but never bothered to reply to the email itself. Although on other times they do reply and are very professional with their customer service. I have had to contact them multiple times, mostly due to damaged disks but to also change my plan from 3 to 5 and then back to 3. As well as questions regarding the service itself and disparity of what they are providing and what they claim to provide on their website. I'm not sure what is going on with their company, service improved after AnimeNation was shut down and then it has been deteriorating lately - especially in regards to replying to email and turn-around time for next title in my queue. Several things on their website are behind Netflix, such as automatically reporting broken disks and changing plans to larger plans then show up in the plan type selection (they have a couple). They have three statuses for disks, low, medium. and high, but what each of these status actually mean is not all that clear or useful. For example, low status can mean that they have few of the title or that they don't have the title so if you add an upcoming title into your queue it will appear as low even though you were informed while adding it what the expected date it will come into stock is. So, if a title's status is low, you don't actually know for certain if they have it or not. (I've asked twice for clarification of if a title was really is stock or not, one time they replied to email and one time they did not). They do have "series lock" which Netflix does not have. So, in the end - this companies service is not really that good for the price and their customer service is inconsistent at best. But they are at least legitimate.

I have tried AnimeLane ( and even though they appear to still exist I never received any disks from them even after a month waiting and two months of charges to my credit card. I never was able to get an email back from any email address on their site and their phone number was disconnected. I had to resort to contacting my credit card company and claiming fraud on their part and getting the money back and blocking them from further charging my credit card. In my research to figure out other ways to contact them I found they had at one time an Amazon store and at one time had very good reviews but for the last many months they have only had negative reviews with people saying they never received the anime they purchased from them. Even after five months they still have not removed my account from their website and still say I have disks out that I have never received, they still never replied to email even after reporting them as fraud to my bank and credit card company. I would stay away from them, they seem to be out of business but with their website still operating as if they were in business and still charging people and not delivering.

I would very much like to know of other rental services that have an extensive catalog of titles that people have had good experience with and preferably on the west coast so that postal times would be better.
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2015 11:20 pm Reply with quote
So I JUST discovered how awesome Discotek apparently has been over the last couple years. If you look at its catalog there mostly seems to be an off focus on semi-niche stuff from around the mid 90's and earlier. i.e.: all the random stuff that got me into anime as a kid like Samurai Pizza Cats, Ronin Warriors, and Fatal Fury the Motion Picture.

Is that Blue Submarine No. 6 Blu-Ray an upscale or is it a native remaster?
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 11, 2016 10:28 am Reply with quote
I skimmed through this post and it looks good. Especially the first post with a breakdown on the different retailers.

Can anybody tell me about their recent experience with Funimation's store? Packed well? Good prices compared to others? Shipping fees? Would a collector like me have to be worried about damaged merch? I'm always worried when ever I shop online. There's some stuff and at least one store exclusive item I'm eyeing.

Details would be great so I can get a clear idea. Thanks for any advice or insight.
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PostPosted: Sat Jun 11, 2016 11:16 am Reply with quote
I can't answer for the Funimation store as I've never shopped there. I have bought from both The Right Stuf (TRSI) and Roberts Anime Corner Store (RACS) on multiple occasions, both anime and figures. Both provide excellent packaging. I've never had any merchandise arrive damaged from either. As an added benefit both usually have excellent prices and both offer free shipping with specific limits. Both will tell you what shipping will be before you commit yourself to purchase.
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PostPosted: Sun Jun 12, 2016 9:24 am Reply with quote
nobodyhome wrote:
Can anybody tell me about their recent experience with Funimation's store? Packed well? Good prices compared to others? Shipping fees? Would a collector like me have to be worried about damaged merch? I'm always worried when ever I shop online. There's some stuff and at least one store exclusive item I'm eyeing.

I've heard that a few people have had some issues with Funi store, but for myself the few times I've bought stuff has been pretty smooth. Now I've only bought anime there maybe 4 times and it was during sales so it may not give a complete view. An example, I bought Attack on Titan LE parts 1&2 with the chipboard box during a labor day sale which arrived securely packed in a box with no damage. My other purchases were also in cardboard boxes. However, each time I had multiple items so I do not know if they ship single DVD/BDs in bubble envelopes as some retailers do. I've gotten free shipping every time because it was over $50 in purchases (one time they were running a free shipping promo at same time with a sale--haven't see them do it since), so I can't tell you what regular shipping prices are like. I haven't had to pay taxes on what I've bought, but maybe if you live in Texas you would. As far as prices go it really depends on what kind of sale they are running. The AoT set actually turned out cheaper than what other retailers were selling it at. They had a clearance section at one point where I bought Lupin III-The Woman Called Fujiko Mine LE at a great price. On the other hand, most of the time many new and current items will be priced higher than buying them from other places. So it shouldn't be your one-stop place for buying anime. Like most things you have to do comparison shopping. The store has changed and I haven't bought anything there in the past year, so I can't tell you if anything I've said has changed significantly.

Like Alan45 I would recommend The Right Stuf or RACS if you are very concerned about packing. They both do consistently good jobs and if you keep an eye out for sales you will get good prices. If you buy a lot of anime and merchandise than TRSI member program is worth it and during publisher sales they have very good prices on manga. Amazon is a last resort because while they sometimes have good prices its usually a coin toss whether they will ship your items in cardboard or bubble wrap. And if its in bubble wrap rest assured they or the ship carrier will stomp on it several times to make sure that its dead and not moving. I do buy from DVDPlanet occasionally as they will have a sale and sometimes a 10% coupon at the same time that you can stack and so far received everything in cardboard. I don't shop from Deep Discount (supposedly owned by same company as DVDP but experience is extremely opposite) anymore, because one time too many items took weeks to deliver, they were poorly packaged and arrived damaged, wrong items, wrong labeling on website and after informing them they didn't change it, constant barrage of spam that took months for it to stop and rude customer support. Those are some of my experiences in a nutshell, hope it helps.
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