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Kabuto Tokugawa

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2008 1:45 am Reply with quote
On Friday March 7th, I quite unexpectedly received the April edition of PiQ magazine.

My initial reaction was pleasant curiousity upon seeing the image of Masmune Shiro's character Noonan on the front cover for the new Appleseed Ex Machina anime movie.
I opened the front cover to find a white notice staring back at me which read;



By now many of you are aware that NewType USA published its final issue in February 2008. Although many of us will miss that magazine-including me-I couldn't be more thrilled to announce a new publication that will surely be everything you've enjoyed from NewType USA...and much more!

With many of the same creative staff from NewType USA, PiQ Magazine will fulfill all your anime needs, while also delivering the most cutting-edge content in all areas of entertainment. From video games to movies, music to manga, comics to TV, DVDs and more, PiQ will live up to its bold mandate: "Entertainment for the rest of us."

And here's the best new! The fine folks at PiQ, LLC want to give you double the value for you[r] remaining subscription, Not only will PiQ fulfill the rest of your remaining subscription, but you'll also receive two issues for every remaining NewTypeUSA you're owed. Double the number of magazines, and you don't have to do a thing to take advantage of it!

So enjoy the first issue, and rest assured that you'll continue to receive the best coverage of all aspects of entertainment delivered to your door. And don't hesitate to let us know what you think. Drop us a line at [email protected], and tell us what you want to see covered in these pages.

Be sure to tell your friends about PiQ, because we're positive they'll love it as much as we enjoy producting it. And stay tuned to for our exciting web offerings!

Gary Steinman

I continued beyond this page a bit befuddled. I hadn't heard that NewTypeUSA was coming to an end and was not expecting this magazine. However, I thought I'd look it over and give it a chance.

I'll make this as brief as I can and keep it honest using the "Dear John" letter quoted above as my basis for judging PiQ.

Does it live up to NewTypeUSA?
No. Absolutely not. Why? Let me first say that its size is not comparable. Within the 160 pages (average) of NTUSA was considerably more material than 111 pages of PiQ.
The diversity of PiQ is not a positive aspect of a magazine that is supposed to fulfill all an Otaku's anime needs the same way NTUSA did.
The addition of Adult Swim content may be objectionable to Otaku who dislike AS's attitude towards anime and the displacement of anime on CN to make room for its "other" programming.
The publisher makes it clear that this magazine is not an "anime" magazine.

The publisher's claim is that PiQ will be everything I've enjoyed from NTUSA and much more is questionable at best.

Here is a comparison of PiQ to the February 2008 issue of NTUSA;
1) The fold out poster. PiQ has none.
2) The free DVD to check anime you may want to buy. PiQ has none.
3) fanart section. PiQ has none.
4) "Official art of..." section. PiQ has none.
5) "what's on TVJapan" section. PiQ has none.
6) "anime on US TV" section. PiQ has none.
7) interviews with Japanese voice actors. PiQ has none.
8) reviews of anime shows. PiQ has some, but not many.
9) a magazine dedicated to Japanese anime and asian pop-culture. PiQ is not.
10)game review sections of Japanese games like in NTUSA. PiQ does have that but its small compared to NTUSA and deals solely with American releases.
11) J-pop music section. PiQ has none.
12)High quality construction (paper, printing, binding). Yes, PiQ does have that.
13) Japanese Anime Convention-Report(not advertising). PiQ has none, though it did have a Live Action Role Playing Section.
14)Manga section. PiQ has that but it is "Crayon Shin Chan." That is a far cry from CLAMP's Kobato IMHO.
15) weather resistant plastic bag during shipment. PiQ is shipped as is and is not in a protective plastic bag.

Overall I'd say PiQ, issue #1, is nothing like NewType USA was.
The magazine, in its current form, simply cannot stand up against Protoculture Addicts, OtakuUSA, AnimeInsider, or the like.

Two issues are offered for every one that individuals who still have a balance with NewTypeUSA are owed. This is objectionable. Normally when a magazine goes under, the subscribers are offered a refund. This was not done. That was a rude oversight on the part of the staff that put this together.

The publisher requests that the recipient of PiQ issue #1 tell all their friends about it. This review is intended to do exactly that.
But don't take my word for it, check out the magazine at your local newstand, bookstore, or wherever anime/Sci-Fi magazines are sold in your area.

WORD OF CAUTION!! I strongly suggest that Otaku review this magazine personally before ordering a subscription. You'll be happier either way if you do.

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