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INTEREST: Bodacious Space Pirates Gives Princess Serenity Odango Hair

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Surrender Artist

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2012 12:34 am Reply with quote
Having seen the episode, the character seems to fit into the cast, including not being sexualized. I won't be surprised if some people make suggestive and worse artwork portraying her, but for everything that exists there's somebody horny for it. The only character on the series who has been sexualized with any regularity is Misa Grandwood, but she's pretty clearly an adult and it hasn't been intrusive or disruptive thus far. I don't like fanservice shows and I often find it irritating, but sometime people seem aggressively paranoid about it.

nargun wrote:
Surrender Artist wrote:
Is Gruier her official name or just a subtitling error, like Barbalusa instead of Barbarossa?

Eh? It's quite clearly バルバルーサ in dialogue [and the wikitron agrees]; searching for that gets you solely mouretsu pirates and related stuff, with a "Do you mean バルバロッサ" recommendation.

It's not a subtitle or translation error. [reminds me of tweeny witches and the name of the lead character]

Awww, damn it, you seem to be right. I just found the idea that it was in fact Barbarossa attractive since Barbarossa is something identifiable and would make a badass name for a pirate ship, whereas Barbalusa doesn't seem to be derived from anything that makes sense for one. I wonder if it will ever be explained. (I shall allow this delusion to live on in my imagination, where it can't hurt anybody)

Similarly, the cheese is evidently グリュイエール, not グリューエル. I suppose having her be named for a cheese, even a good cheese, would be silly, but it wouldn't be unprecedented and I was trying to tie it to something recognizable. However, her profile on the Starchild website gives her name as Gruelle*, (Named for Raggedy Anne creator Johnny Gruelle? Perhaps not...), yet in episode eight she appears to have written it as Gruier on the board in the classroom. So, I have no idea.

File under, "did not do the research," or maybe, "did not do very much research." (I've always hated reading katakana)

dtm42 wrote:
Simple. I'm not the sort of obsessive fan that looks at the Japanese homepage, especially when I cannot read Japanese.

Well, there is an English version of the official website and Bodacious is in the series logo too; it is obscured, but not unreadable. Then again, the good people at Sentai Filmworks seem to have fallen into a similar misconception, or least had at the time that they wrote the press release announcing that they'd acquired the series.

To wit:

Get ready for intergalactic buccaneering unlike any you've ever seen before as the spaceways get broad-sided by cutting lasses, curvy knaves and the sexiest pirate's chest ever in MOURETSU PIRATES!

There's something terrible, yet beautiful about that sentence.

*This was true at the time the post was written; the website has since been changed to give the characters name as Gruier.

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2012 12:50 am Reply with quote
doubleO7 wrote:
enurtsol wrote:
Talking about Sailor Moon references............

Wow, even Adventure Time has a Sailor Moon reference! I can't say I remember that part though, I must've missed that episode. Anyone know which one it was?

"Fionna and Cake"

Beware: it's girly! Laughing
(It's censored in Australia.)

    Revealed on Natasha Allegri's formspring account, the dress she designed for Fionna is based off Princess Serenity's dress from the anime, Sailor Moon (as shown to the right). This may also be the inspiration for Fionna's rabbit-themed hood, as Sailor Moon's protagonist is named "Usagi", which is Japanese for "rabbit."

    Fionna has buck teeth like a rabbit.
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2012 2:17 am Reply with quote
The Coffee God wrote:
I find it amusing that you immediately translate anyone visiting the JP homepage to be an obsessive fan.
And considering some of your commentary about this series in particular, I'd argue the point that you're not.
However, I'll leave it at that.

But since you bring up not being able to read Japanese as one of the reasons you don't go, I take it you didn't bother looking up the ANN entry on it either, since Bodacious Space Pirates was an Alt Title in the entry here as well, months before Sentai picked up the license.

So what if the alternative title was listed "months before Sentai picked up the license"? I usually don't read the ANN pages of works that haven't even aired yet. I didn't even know Sentai had the bloody license. I find it a tad exasperating that you think everyone is going to go out of their way to search out the information about shows they don't even know if they like yet, including going to websites written in languages they don't read. Not everyone can read moon runes like you can, bub, or know where to find the English-language versions of the Japanese sites (should a show even have an English-language version in the first place).

You don't seem to understand that some people don't care about watching trailers and poring over Seiyuu lists and analysing scans of characters and machinery and weighing up the pros and cons of the studios involved and chatting on Anime-Suki with regards to upcoming works. Some people just browse the Seasonal Charts that are listed around the internet, read the Preview Guides and just watch the shows that look interesting or that we've heard good things about. Some people do even less than that.

By "obsessive fan" I wasn't referring to fans of Moretsu Pirates in particular but rather the general definition of an Anime fan, i.e. obsessive Anime fans. Let me put it this way; even with titles I am really looking forward to I don't turn into an anorak before the show has even aired. My ambivalence towards hunting out information for Moretsu Pirates has nothing to do with me not being a fan of the show, but rather just a reflection of how I roll in general. And how are you supposed to be a fan of a show that hasn't even aired yet anyway?

So yeah, anyone who closely follows and seeks out every last morsel of information about upcoming works is obsessive, certainly relative to myself and a lot of others they are. I get that some people are really into their fandom, and that's fine. But they must realise that they are on the upper end of the obsessiveness scale, and that's just a matter of fact.
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