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TAF Blog '08: The Beginning
by Evan Miller on Mon Mar 17, 2008 11:34 am
You can always tell when springtime has come to Japan. Students are either out on vacation, or sequestered in their rooms studying for day-long college entrance exams. The weather isn’t cold anymore, but it isn’t the stifling outdoor sauna that July is. People take to parks in droves to watch the cherry blossoms bloom and (for some) drink enough liquor to kill a small army (Have you ever seen a 73 year-old guy scream the lyrics to “Hey Jude” at a crowd of small children? It’s a truly memorable experience, really). And, in the Tokyo neighborhood of Odaiba, a who’s who of the anime industry gathers at Tokyo Big Sight Convention Center to meet, schmooze, and talk about their latest releases.

Over the next few weeks, a handful of ANN staff will be in Japan for the Tokyo International Anime Festival. I’ve never been to TAF myself; in past years I have been helping ANN cover the show via articles and info passed on to me by Chris. This year, there will be a few more of us along for the ride, and all of our adventures – along with a few articles about the trip in general – will be recorded here for your reading pleasure. We may even get around to posting a few Crashing Japan articles, so stay tuned!
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