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Super Conbini find of the Day: Kimewaza Pokemon Kids Pikachu
by Evan Miller on Wed Mar 19, 2008 11:43 am

What is it?: Just another example of why the death of the Pokemon franchise is still a long, long way off. Conbinis carry a handful of toys that are sold with candy so that they end up in the candy aisle. Usually these toys are little action figures or wind-up toys of some sort. Something Pokemon related is always among these toys, and they still sell well.

Low-power: When I saw the box, it looked like a pretty safe purchase. I mean, it's Pikachu doing what he (she? it?) does best: shocking the hell out of stuff. That's awesome, right? Alas, the coloring on my Pikachu's lightning looks a bit too grey. Beyond that, there's the fact that...

My Pikachu has no soul: The toy is hollow. No wheels, no neat squeaky function... he's hollow. Perhaps that contributes to the best part about this toy: the awesome expression:

Look at that face. He's pissed that he has no soul, and he's going to exact his wrath on anyone who mocks him for it (yeah, I know that isn't part of the Pokemon storyline, but wouldn't it be great if it was? I'd watch that!).

The Candy: I like the Ramune flavor, yes, but I'm not sure about the "Alka Seltzer" look it has. Is Pikachu trying to tell me something about my dietary habits? Yes, Pikachu, I DID have a few drinks with friends after work last night (which were followed with greasy chicken Kara-age), but I don't have indigestion...yet.

Other stuff: It comes with a card that tells you about Pikachu. Which is nice, but I'm guessing that 99.8% of the people who bought this already know that stuff.

The verdict: It's not much of a toy, but I just love that facial expression. I think I'll blow that picture up and hang it on the door to my apartment when I need to hint to others that I shouldn't be disturbed.
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