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Super Conbini Find of the Day: One Piece Bath Salts
by Evan Miller on Sat Mar 22, 2008 3:29 am
There are many ways I could begin this post. However, this product really does speak for itself.

I've seen many kinds of cross-promotional schemes and character goods - the Sailor Moon knife and cutting board set, Clannad canned bread, and all varieties of manga-inspired toilet paper. Despite all that, I never pictured that I could one day hop in the bath with Lufy and the gang while simultaneously enjoying the sweet scent of mandarin oranges.

Bath salts are used pretty frequently in Japanese homes; some of them are supposed to have therapeutic qualities, while others just make your tub smell better. The mandarin orange ("mikan" in Japanese) is one of Japan's most popular seasonal fruits, so the scent is found in many common household products.

This product appears to be exclusive to the Lawson conbini chain, and it certainly isn't the only bath salt product on the market advertised with popular character images... but One Piece? I could understand Hello Kitty, but really - would you want to take a bath with all of the characters from the One Piece series? Especially the creepy looking villians? The package screams "candy" to the point that they have to include a "don't eat this" label on the outside. Bonus: this isn't the only one. They have 4 scents to choose from in the "One Piece" series, all of which are "special edition" products designed to promote the new One Piece movie.

So, how do the salts actually feel and smell? Well, I've been so busy with TAF stuff that I haven't had a moment to hit the bath and give it a shot. When I do, I'll post about it. And no, there will NOT be pictures.
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