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Tokyo Int'l Anime Fair: Day 1
by Evan Miller on Fri Mar 28, 2008 12:51 am
Welcome to the Business: For those of you unfamiliar with the event, the first two days of TAF are devoted solely to business. This gives the entire event a very strange flavor. Picture the Dealer Room from a major convention, take out the fans, and replace them with a bunch of people in suits. That's TAF. Of course, despite the heavy business presence, it is hard to ignore the...

Corporate Cosplayers: Japanese conventions and dōjinshi events are usually strict with limiting when and where people are allowed to cosplay. At TAF, it's completely banned. However, there are plenty of cosplayers that are at the convention to promote stuff on behalf of companies at the show. There seem to be two varieties: giant, moving replicas of a popular character (Lufy, Keroro, etc.) and the "booth girls" that are usually cosplaying as some character from a series that their company is promoting. Even though today was a "business day", the sight of people trying to take pics with the girls was pretty common.

Symposiums: Our good friend Tadashi Sudo from Anime!Anime! ran a very interesting symposium this afternoon to educate attendees on the issues facing the North American anime/manga market. Fansubs and their impact on the market was a hot topic and many potential solutions were presented by the panelists, but it's still difficult to tell what methods for fixing the industry will be embraced by the major production companies.

Stuff that looks really fantastic: Ultraviolet Code 044 is going to be huge, and I'm pretty sure that Chi's Sweet Home will be a huge hit in terms of viewers and marketing. The Gurren Lagaan Movie looks like it will be fun to watch (at the very least).

Strangest Booth: Fuji TV's "Anime Casino" booth, which is staffed with a bunch of bunny girls and a guy who could easily pass as a Japanese Elvis in Las Vegas. I'll have some pictures up later.
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