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Anime Expo 2008, Day 0
by Evan Miller on Thu Jul 03, 2008 3:40 am
A look back at the Wednesday before Anime Expo 2008:

So far so good? Perhaps. After chatting with a handful of fans who hit the registration lines on Wednesday, I've heard comments that are both good and bad. The good: lines moved quickly and the convention didn't close things down early as they have in previous years. The bad: the badge printing system had a few errors, a few duplicate badges were printed, and some badges had information missing. The real test for the system begins tomorrow, as both pre-registered fans and "at the door" fans rush to fill the...

Gigantic Event Hall: The LA Convention Center looks as if it could fit the entirety of the Long Beach Convention Center inside it three times over. This should help fix a lot of the space and line issues fans experienced last year, but I can't help but feel that the amount of space may wind up feeling a little excessive.

AMVs: One event I expect will be a whole lot better this year is the Anime Music Video contest. Last year's errors, not the least of which was most of the show vanishing along with the laptop of the person in charge of things last year, left a lot of AMV fans feeling burned. This is one of the things that AX marketing guru Chase Wang specifically mentioned would run smoothly this year. Considering the growth and popularity of the contest (not to mention the vocal fanbase), I would be extremely shocked if it has the kind of problems it did last year.

Artist Alley: Last year, Anime Expo caught a little flak for putting the Artist Alley in... well, an alley of traffic. Reflecting that, the convention has moved the alley into a separate room this year, and is encouraging the artists to avoid sit down sketches to keep traffic moving. Hopefully the wide open spaces of the convention center will help with space issues, but I still expect things to be crowded. After all, it took less than five minutes for Anime Expo to sell out spaces in the Alley this year.

I'll be back tomorrow with a report from Day 1!
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