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Weird Stuff 2: The Reckoning
by Zac Bertschy on Fri Jul 04, 2008 2:00 pm
Okay, here we are, Weird Stuff I Saw At Anime Expo: Day Two.

I am finding real difficulty in believing that someone took a look at this artwork and decided it was not only good enough for public display but to also spend the money to make the banner and then pay the union guys to hang it in the convention hall. Seriously.

Then again, I shouldn’t throw stones; our banner looks like it needs to be taken through a car wash and flat-ironed.

This is the throng of people waiting to get into Bang Zoom’s ridiculously popular voice acting workshop panel, which incidentally was right after my own “how to review anime” panel. This photo was taken before my panel started.

And here we have an example of how many people actually want to wake up at 10am on a holiday Friday to listen to some jerk ramble about the best way to write about cartoons. Hint: it’s not many.

This is Funimation’s “Ouran Host Club” where you sit with a bunch of cosplayers pretending to be people who are pretending to like you. Here they are presumably discussing why Funimation’s Ouran release is taking so damn long.

This is the booth with the guy who screams YOOOWWWWWWW-EEEEEEEEE! and sells those godforsaken Yaoi paddles teenage girls run around smacking eachother with. If you ever find yourself annoyed by yaoi fandom, surely this guy shares some of the blame.

Hey everyone, spot the HUGE TYPO!
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