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Weird Stuff III: Inferior Third Sequel
by Zac Bertschy on Sat Jul 05, 2008 3:40 pm
It’s that time again!

This is the AX tabletop gaming room. Walking past it is a real gamble; it is obviously the stinkiest room in the convention center. It is believed by some that this room is the source of 95 percent of the unpleasant whiff that is plaguing certain areas of the con this year. A peek inside reveals its inhabitants: proud though they are, people who come to anime conventions to play Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering are unquestionably the nerdiest among us.

A giant pack of dudes in matching dance-team style tee-shirts decided that they wanted to display their amazing backflips and jump kicks and breakdancing moves right in the god damn middle of a crowded exhibit hall intersection in the middle of the busiest day of the weekend.

It’s not enough to showboat your backflipping skills in public, you have to ensure everyone watches by being a gigantic inconvenience.

Attendee registration: $60.

Parking: $25.

Convention Center Lunch: $17.

The chance to try on a hat worn by countless sweaty otaku who may or may not have contagious scalp problems: Priceless.

I guess this is kinda like those glass-walled sex shows they have in Amsterdam, except instead of European hookers it’s a bunch of nerds playing Dragonforce on Rock Band.

I know which one I’d pay to see!

This is the line for the David Hayter autograph session, wherein the famous voice actor will use approximately 2 gallons of Purell.

This handsome sign is positioned next to the stairs leading down to the arcade; they have a green screen and a camera set up. It’s kinda like those kiosks they have at Disneyland where you can have you and your spouse’s heads superimposed over Star Wars movie posters, except this is about 5,000 times dorkier than that, which is really saying something.

Figured I’d provide some evidence to back up my last claim there.

I think I can decipher what this guy’s thought process was:
“Hm. I know people look silly playing Dance Dance Revolution, but how I can I break the barrier from looking silly to looking completely ridiculous? Wait, I know! I’ll wear this intensely goofy anime hat! EUREKA!”

To be fair though this guy was really good at DDR so he can probably afford to look a little extra silly.
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