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Weird Stuff Episode IV: A New Hope
by Zac Bertschy on Sun Jul 06, 2008 3:31 pm
Well, it’s the last day of the show, so that means this is the final installment of Weird Stuff. Let’s get right to it!

Sunday is usually the last day of the convention, and one time-honored tradition con attendees always adhere to is celebrating the final day of the show by not coming at all. Here you can see said celebration already taking place in the exhibit hall.

One of many goth clothing booths on the dealer’s floor, this one is called “Timeless Trends”, presumably because goth fashion has not changed in any discernable way since 1982 or so.

D3 Publisher, distributor of fine products like Naruto: Path of the Ultimate Hokage Battle Ninja Academy Strike Force 3, which everyone is saying is WAY better than Naruto: Path of the Ultimate Hokage Battle Ninja Academy Strike Force 2.

You know what I love? STAR WARS




The manga library. I find the concept of the manga library funny; pay $60 to get into an anime convention, and then proceed to sit in a quiet room and read a book with a bunch of other loitering teens. One thing’s for sure: the AX manga library perfectly captures the feeling of walking through the manga aisle at Borders.

God damn, Jackie Dosai freaking loved Coconut Bubble Sex Cosplay.

Me, I just love Coconut Bubble Sex. Google it, but not at work.

This is an increasing trend that frankly disturbs the crap out of me. Cat ears are one thing, but the fox tails are taking it too far. We can’t let the furry menace invade our culture any further than it already has. This is a few dangerous steps away from fursuits with conveniently placed flaps being acceptable at anime conventions. We can’t let that happen, people.

These people had gathered together for the sole reason of singing “What Is Love” and showboating in the hallway. Groups of people collectively attention whoring has also become incredibly popular at anime conventions. Here’s a tip for anyone considering doing something like this in the future: don’t. Please.

This guy isn’t actually cosplaying as anything, he just raided a Hot Topic and then came to the convention. There were a surprising number of people who appeared to do the same thing.

These booths selling replica swords are at every convention in the country and they always crack me up. Hey kids! Here’s your chance to be “that guy” with the cheeseball replica swords mounted on the wall and a kimono secretly kept in the closet, praying every night to one day obtain a kawaii Japanese waifu who could don the garment on “special occasions” and massage your back while you watch Kanon.

And finally, this is the Anime News Network booth. We used it as a makeshift workstation, in effect turning ourselves into an odd zoo exhibition where people could view real live editors at work. Here, we see lovely and talented Evan Miller on the left, transcribing an interview. That happy fella on the right is Justin Sevakis, who just recently gave painful birth to our newborn video player and is still wiping the placenta off. And that laptop in the corner left there? Why, that’s the laptop THIS VERY BLOG WAS WRITTEN ON!

Yeah, that’s right. I just blew your mind right now.

Welp, that about does it for Weird Stuff I Saw at Anime Expo 2008. In spite of all my asinine mockery, this convention was sincerely one of the best-organized and most professionally run cons I’ve attended in my long years doing what I do. We all know last year’s AX was a mess, but this year proves that they really pulled their crap together and put on a great show. Of course there were hiccups – there always are – but in my estimation, AX 2008 restored the convention’s reputation.

Also there were a lot of silly nerds doing stupid crap there. See you next year!
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