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The Price of Fandom - Day 1
by Bamboo Dong on Fri Sep 26, 2008 10:13 pm
It's no secret that anime is not a cheap hobby. Buying DVDs can cost a fortune, merchandise can make things worse, and if you want to get into cosplaying-- your wallet is pretty much done for. Anime conventions just take that horrible addiction and amplify it by 100x. Even worse if you have to fly across the country to go to one (did you know that US Airways charges for beverages now??)

Seriously, look at all this awesome stuff that could possibly tempt a nerd. If I had all the money in the world, and slightly less shame, I would buy all of these items.


What could possibly show your inner beast better than the quintessential wolf t-shirt? That kind of thing rakes in the ladies. Wearing one not only releases your innate pheromones, but it also tells everybody who's the leader of the pack.

Cost - $17-34, depending on design and size. This place also has some sweet buck shirts, and a glow-in-the-dark shirt that has a full star map.

You could also display your hip internet humor with this (not) creative take on the 300 catch phrase. I mean, Zelda is cool. 300 is cool. Surely, an inside joke involving both has to be awesome. This will make you more friends than you could ever want.

Cost: $20

Wacky accessories

Now, if only there was a way to show people your crazy raver side. Maybe you need something to complement your kawaii neko ears. Why not join the pack and get one of these fox tails, for a mere $20? Glowsticks only cost $1 at Duane Reed, too, so you'll be ready to bust out all sorts of dance moves.

Cost: $20


Even better, why not just buy a sailor fuku, so you can cosplay on the spot. Props to the dealers who don't even give enough of a damn to iron their costumes before selling them. I sure want to buy a rumpled heap of cloth. Close-up of the rumplage.

Cost: $60


Eating lunch would've cut into my anime time. PASS.


Every anime fan needs to eat Asian food all weekend long. A trip to K-town landed us at a Korean buffet, and over a pound of food.

Cost: $8.50

Day 1 Dream Total: $123.50

If you're not here at NYAF, you should be jealous. You can't even imagine the merch you're missing out on. Zombie t-shirts, guys. Zombie t-shirts.
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