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The Price of Fandom - Day 2
by Bamboo Dong on Sat Sep 27, 2008 6:35 pm
After stumbling into the convention center this morning with a grande caramel machiatto in one hand, and a bag of exhaustion in the other (and it was only the second day!), I needed some good ol' retail therapy.


I've never understand the general obsession with fairies-- or, as many fantasy nerds like to call them-- "faeries." They don't seem to serve much of a purpose, they're all slightly bitchy looking, and they remind me too much of Tinkerbell, whose attitude earned my hatred even at a young age. But, for everyone else who likes these mystical creatures way too much, and needs to adorn their Jansports with these whimsical little sprites, you can get a whole COLLECTION of them.

Cost: $7

More shirts

Luckily, this same booth also had a giant stack of Barack Obama t-shirts, drawn by Alex Ross. There's no better way to show your support of our next president by wearing this studly shirt. Granted, his campaign doesn't see a cent of this money, but as far as unlicensed Obama shirts go, this one's pretty boss.

Cost: $20


Hey, you know what'll charm the pants off any lady (of legal age)? Hanging this baby in your room. I doubt that she's actually 18, but she's not even human, so it makes it okay. Plus every time you make love to your lady, you can stare into Nyu's eyes and pretend she's your real girlfriend.

Cost: $40

Of course, if you're afraid your mom will get mad at you for having scandalous posters in your room, you can just put up something more vague, like this Gurren Lagann flag. It symbolizes ultimate manliness, and it's the perfect adornment for your man nest.

Cost: $40

Cute things

Here's the parts of the exhibition hall that I really like. The cute things. I die every time I see a round animal, so this con had a billion things to slay me. First up, SQUARE PIGS. Originally, these pigs were part of the San-X Monokuroboo line, and only came in black or white. Now they come in a delightful array of deliciously pastel colors. I would eat every one of them if they wouldn't cause me massive indigestion.

Cost: $13 has an amazing assortment of fat creatures. They don't seem to serve a purpose except to be fat, and that's fine by me. They're also huge, and come in many varieties, including the pictured zebra. Also available are frogs, snails, orcas, sharks, octopi, rabbits, and a variety of others.

Cost: $38


What event would be complete without nerds ravenously shoving Pocky in their mouths? I'm actually surprised there weren't more places selling Pocky, because these damned things practically sell themselves. Also, a thousand curses on that Kakashi cosplayer who breathed chocolate-flavored Pocky on me.

Cost: $2.50


Awwww... hugs! Just the thing to soothe the soul.

Cost: FREE
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