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Con Sketching: New York Anime Festival, Day 2
by Evan Miller on Sat Sep 27, 2008 6:47 pm
Transport Hassles: Seriously, what the hell. I get up this morning, get out of bed, and suddenly I find myself on the convention floor in a cardboard box. I don't remember being stuffed in the box, I just remember the feeling of being tossed around in my corrugated cage as I was dragged to the convention center. People, I have two working legs and I can take the subway - I don't need to be treated like a FedEx shipment. Still, my escort was that charming "Snake" fellow. He's awfully nice, especially considering that he didn't charge me any transport fees. I think I owe him a beer though.

Fun can be scary: Scariest cheer I heard in the hall today: a cheering war between people screaming "Yaoi" and "Yuri." Uh... yeah. Which reminds me: this convention needs to ban those Yaoi and Yuri paddles (like every other convention has). Please.

Unintentionally Hilarious: Right next to an anime convention that extols the virtues of Pocky, sugar, and hyperactivity, we have this:

I love irony.

The State of the Event Hall: Things are far busier than they were yesterday, when you could hear a pin drop in here. The convention has grown a lot in its second year, and it looks like crowd control may become an issue. I still wonder why people have to stop and take pictures in the middle of a lane of traffic, but hey... at least everyone seems to be having fun.

Shout out to: Sarah Arai, who was our featured Gallery artist a few weeks back. She brought us a bag of anko-filled doughnuts that essentially kept my empty stomach from caving in on itself. Thank you, Sarah, for keeping me from passing out in the fan-filled hallways of the Javits Center.
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