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Con Sketching: Otakon 2008, Day 2
by Evan Miller on Sun Aug 10, 2008 12:03 am
The Longest Jam: I've been to many live shows before, but I've only seen a band try to play more than 90 minutes or so once. According to attendees, the JAM Project concert went for over 2 hours. My hat goes off to the band - that's no easy feat, particularly in a humid auditorium packed with fans.

The Kano Sisters have a new anime project, Abunai Sisters in the works with Fuji TV, Production I.G, and other people who have prestige to spare. The two Japanese superstars/models/entertainers/fashion experts paraded around the convention floor today, along with two giant drawings of their anime alter-egos. They posed with cosplayers, Otakon staff, and with Pedo Bear (your joke here). The sales and distribution plan for the anime is quite ambitious: a worldwide simultaneous release centered around pre-orders of the anime DVD. The Kano sisters aren't uber-superstars on this side of the Pacific yet, but this anime - not to mention the sheer amount of production power involved - could push them a little closer.

And while we're on that topic...:"Abunai" (危ない)
Often translated as "dangerous" or "bad," but can also refer to something as "really" or "incredibly." Think of how people used "Bad" in the 1980s and you'll know what I'm talking about. Sample uses:
"Ano dekkai Pikachu wa abunai yatsu da ne." - That giant Pikachu is a pretty dangerous guy.
"Usagi no kawaisa ga chou abunai!" - The bunny is unbelievably cute!

Dangerous? A few voices of concern could be heard over the din of Otakon's very full convention hall today. The reason: the convention is becoming pretty crowded again, and a few people are wondering if the dreaded "attendance cap" will rear its ugly head again. Personally, I doubt it... but who knows?

A few random pictures:

Ubiquitous translator and ukelele master Taka, with Ai from Pony Canyon. As you can tell, they're hard at work at the Kano Sisters panel.

Am I the only person who finds this fellow both cool and scary looking at the same time?

Oh, and just in case you care: The reason I'm not doing art recs at this convention shall be revealed next Saturday. So hey, if you needed an extra cliffhanger in your life and don't care about the quality of suspense that said cliffhanger provides, there you go!
Re: Con Sketching: Otakon 2008, Day 2
by Dargonxtc on Sun Aug 10, 2008 3:02 am
Is that seriously what the Kano sisters character designs are going to be for the anime? If so, then I predict it won't be very big over here. Kind of reminds me of Who Framed Roger Rabit?. Although I think that did sort of well, so maybe that's a bad comparison.

Anyway, that is giza cool that the band played that long. In my experiance anytime a band plays during an event such as say a convention, fest, or some other gathering where there is multiple things to do. They always seem to cut it short.
Re: Con Sketching: Otakon 2008, Day 2
by Aresef on Sun Aug 10, 2008 7:36 am
JAM Project was epic. 19 songs, really. Absolutely nearly everything we hoped they'd play. Lots of SRW, but also some love for DBZ (Kageyama is amazing), Scrapped Princess, Macross, etc.
Re: Con Sketching: Otakon 2008, Day 2
by GATSU on Mon Aug 11, 2008 5:14 am
"Guy with bat"=Ness from Mother 2/Earthbound. Cool

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