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Eureka Seven Art Contest Finalists!

Announcing the finalists to ANN's Eureka Seven Art Contest!

Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution Part 1 was release in Japan last year, and will be released in theater and on home video near you sometime soon (theatrical releases have already taken place in many countries). Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution Part 2 will be released in Japan later this year, and Part 3 will be released in 2019.


Ten years ago Adroc Thurston saved the world during the mysterious "Summer of Love" crisis. Today, his son Renton lives a mundane, melancholic life, attending army school and living with his adoptive parents in a small border town.

One day his life changes dramatically when Nirvash, the world's oldest LFO suddenly appears in front of him and Eureka, a young girl around the same age as him, emerges from cockpit.

The meeting is more destiny than chance; Renton and Eureka set off on an incredible adventure to discover what really happened during the first Summer of Love, how it really was the beginning of everything, and the mysterious part that both Renton and Eureka still have to play.

Artists from the community were given the following invitation:

We're looking for your original art featuring Eureka Seven cast. You can include one or more characters or mecha from the franchise. Any characters or mecha from Eureka Seven, Eureka Seven - good night, sleep tight, young lovers, EUREKA SEVEN AO, or Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution is acceptable.

Every Day this week, From Tuesday to Monday, ANN will add 4 finalists to this gallery. This weekend we'll open voting to allow readers to pick the winners!

Here's the first set of 4 finalists:

Vote for your favorite! (Login required)
Last day to vote: May 12.

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