Anime Expo 2014
Sentai Filmworks

by Zac Bertschy,

Sentai Filmworks' AX 2014 panel began about 15 minutes late on Friday morning due to the panel's line taking longer than expected to get seated.

The panel began with a list of promotional events and items available at the convention: sweepstakes for series like Gatchaman Crowds (which has a free themed shave ice truck parked in front of the convention's south hall) and the upcoming release of the anthology film Short Peace.

A trailer reel was then shown highlighting Sentai's most recent releases and acquisitions, including Black Bullet, Super Sonico the Animation, Nobunaga the Fool, Log Horizon, Diabolik Lovers, Outbreak Company, Beyond the Boundary (which has a box set release coming soon), No Game No Life (which received the biggest applause of any title presented in the panel), Haikyuu, Captain Earth and more.

The company's representatives then made some special announcements: they have acquired the home video rights to Chaika The Coffin Princess, and will be releasing special box sets for High School of the Dead (which will include the OVA), Love, Chuunibyo & Other Delusions!, and Beyond the Boundary.

November 2014 releases were then discussed, including the announcement of Noucome and Yu-sibu. Log Horizon will be released in November with an English dub.

Summer acquisitions were announced: Argevollen, Blue Spring Ride, Glasslip, Invaders of the Rokujyouma, Rail Wars, Sabagebu and finally Akame ga Kill.

The panelists held a short raffle (where the winner gets every single Sentai release for a year beginning from June 2014) and with that the proceedings concluded.

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