Fan Translation Group Receives Cease and Desist for Starry Sky Patch

posted on by Karen Ressler

Fan translation group Otomegirlkawaii announced on Tuesday that it received a cease and desist notice allegedly from game publisher Asgard, and so will discontinue work on its English patch for otome visual novel Starry Sky ~In Summer~ for PlayStation Portable.

The group also temporarily suspended work Black Wolves Saga and Ken ga Kimi.

JAST USA head Peter Payne explained in 2014 that it is unlikely it will license Starry Sky due to the high cost of licensing fees for the voice cast. Payne elaborated that the situation extends to most otome games (games aimed at female players).

The original Starry Sky games were first released for the PC in 2009, and later ported to the PlayStation Portable in 2010, iOS in 2012, and Nintendo 3DS in 2013. A PlayStation Vita port is in the works. There are four main games in the series named after the four seasons. Each game primarily focuses on three of the 13 young men whose characters represent the attributes of the Zodiac signs (including the 13th sign Ophiuchus).

A 26-episode anime adaptation aired from 2010-2011 on Hal Minagawa also penned a manga adaptation and Digital Manga licensed the manga series in 2011.

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