Vampire Knight's Matsuri Hino Draws 1-Shot in AneLaLa Magazine

posted on by Jabulani Blyden

The preview for the June issue of Hakusensha's AneLaLa magazine is listing that Vampire Knight creator Matsuri Hino will publish a one-shot manga titled "Mattete Darling!!!" (Wait Darling!!) when it ships on May 2. The manga will also don the cover of the issue.

AneLaLa describes the "escape love attack" story as follows: "At the biggest moment of her life, the day of her wedding, she finds herself in a huge unexpected crisis!?" The story will be 32 pages long.

Hino launched her Vampire Knight manga in LaLa in 2004, and she ended the manga in 2013. Viz Media published the 19th and final volume in North America in October 2014, and the company also released the 2008 Vampire Knight anime series and its Vampire Knight Guilty followup. Viz Media also licensed and released her MeruPuri - The Marchen Prince, Captive Hearts, and Wanted manga in North America.

Viz Media also published the first volume of Hino's two-volume Shuriken and Pleats manga on March 1. The manga ended in Japan last July.

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