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Complete Haruhi Suzumiya Soundtrack Announced With Teaser for More in 2016

posted on by Karen Ressler

The cast of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya anime series recorded new audio to advertise the upcoming Haruhi Suzumiya compilation album on Lantis Channel's YouTube channel. In the recording, which began streaming this Saturday, Aya Hirano (Haruhi) gushes about the SOS Brigade's "YouTube debut" and says, "We're planning to do lots of other fun stuff as the SOS Brigade this year, so make sure to check for news!"

Haruhi: Listen, Mikuru, these days it's all about YouTube to get rich quick! The SOS Brigade has made a YouTube channel too, so go and grab those views from those elementary and middle school boys with that crazy outfit of yours!
Mikuru: Whaaaaat? B-but that's so embarrassing...
Kyon: Haruhi! Stop trying to get Asahina to wear such immoral clothing. Japanese guys ten years from now's sexual inclinations will be biased!
Itsuki: Now, now. We can always say that this is a kind of a public service announcement informing the public of the dangers of a society reliant on the Internet. As this may be a good opportunity for parents to realize that a single click could affect their child's future, I think it would be best to see how things turn out...
Kyon: Your face is too close! Koizumi, you can only say that because you don't understand the explosive spreading force Asahina has. This video is going to be a viral one that will make its mark on Internet history. At least half of the population of Japan is going to see it.
Mikuru: Um... W-what are you talking about Kyon?
Haruhi: Viral sounds great! OK Mikuru, you gotta give the customers that fan service! Actually, maybe it'd be best if we lose like 20 percent of your outfit's fabric...
Kyon: How about you stop trying to take off her clothes? Huh? What's up, Nagato?
Yuki: ...An error in the video feed. Probability of restoring video is approximately 0.038 percent.
Itsuki: Oh, it looks like the camera is broken. Haruhi: Hey, Kyon! Go file a claim with the computer research club and tell them to bring us a camera that's not broken!
Kyon: As I remember, the camera we borrowed from the computer research club broke because you got water on it last month during the "Swimming in Winter With Lots of Mikuru Tournament."
Mikuru: I always get pushed into those kinds of duties...
Haruhi: OK, well, your camera is fine then.
Itsuki: I have memories of someone forcefully putting Kyon's camera on a drone and letting it fly, only to have it go missing.
Haruhi: Kyon's the one at fault for buying that piece-of-crap drone! Well, anyway, guess it can't be helped. Let's make today's video audio-only. Kyon, think of something for us to do.
Kyon: Yeah, like I'd have something for us to do all of a sudden. And anyway, what's a "YouTuber" really supposed to do anyway? Itsuki: Most people do things like experiments. There also seem to be a lot of Let's Plays and cooking videos.
Kyon: And those are all things you need visuals for...
Mikuru: U-um! I've seen product introduction videos before! There are ones for things like makeup and home electronics and I end up really wanting to buy them after watching...
Haruhi: Yeah! That's it! We can do that with just audio, right?
Kyon: Well, yeah, I guess we technically can, but what are we supposed to introduce exactly?
Haruhi: Hm... Hey, Yuki, do you have anything cool?
Yuki: I do. The promotion of the same of sound data on optical media.
Kyon: Wait, Nagato. Does that...?
Mikuru: Does that have our songs and BGM?
Itsuki: So in other words, it's a complete soundtrack.
Haruhi: Oh yeah! Now I remember that some music producer was saying he wanted to release something like that around Tanabata this year! OK, Mikuru! Hurry up and tell the viewers the information they need to know!
Mikuru: So it's me again... Sniffle. Um... A complete album with all of the TV series' soundtracks included titled "Suzumiya Haruhi no Kansō" will be released on June 7. Kamimae...
Kyon: You read that as "Kōsaki."
Mikuru: Th-the music composed by Satoru Kōsaki- including unused tracks- will add up to a total of approximately 140 tracks. In addition, ten tracks including the theme songs that we sang for the TV series and radio program and the ENOZ insert songs will also be a part of the album. The album will be five CDs and the price of the album is a stunning discounted 4900 yen (about US$46). P-please look forward to it-
Haruhi: So that's the scoop! We're planning to do lots of other fun stuff as the SOS Brigade this year, so make sure to check for news!
Kyon: And you're going to end the damn thing yourself after all!?
Yuki: Recording finished. Beginning upload.

The Complete Soundtrack of Haruhi Suzumiya (Suzumiya Haruhi no Kansō) will include the complete soundtracks of the first and second seasons (including previously unreleased tracks), along with the opening and ending themes, insert songs, and radio theme songs. It will ship on July 7 for 4,900 yen (about US$46).

The album celebrates the 10th anniversary of the first television anime, which premiered in 2006.

The following store chains are offering bonus extras: Gamers! (B2-size poster of Haruhi Suzumiya), chara-ani (75-millimeter or 3-inch pin badge of Kyon), Sofmap (mini shitajiki board of Mikuru), Tower Records (A4-size clear file folder of Itsuki Koizumi), and Animate (B5-size artboard of Yuki Nagato).

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