Pokémon Company President: New Device May Be Developed to Improve Pokémon Go Player Safety

posted on by Karen Ressler

The Pokémon Company president Tsunekazu Ishihara said in an interview with Nikkei Asia Review that The Pokémon Company and Nintendo are looking into developing a device that will allow the Pokémon Go smartphone game to be played more safely.

His full statement reads:

We intended to make a game for people to play outdoors, instead of at home. The potential that players could become too involved in playing the game [that they might walk into danger] was already an issue at an early stage.

To avoid the danger, we also released "Pokemon Go Plus," the smartphone-linked wearable device, so that "Pokemon Go" players do not have to always be looking down at their smartphone screens. Together with Nintendo, we are thinking of developing a new device that can be played more safely.

The mobile game launched in select countries including the United States and Japan in July, and has since launched in more than 100 countries and territories. The "Pokémon GO Plus" accessory, a wristband that allows players to capture nearby Pokémon without relying on their phones, shipped on September 16. The app launched for the Apple Watch last month.

Since the game's launch, the game has been tied to several accidents around the world, including car crashes. The game itself contains a reminder to players to be mindful of their surroundings while playing the game.

Source: Nikkei (Yuji Nitta) via Siliconera

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