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Samurai Deeper Kyo's Kamijyō to Launch Sequel to 2-Chapter Detective Manga (Updated)

posted on by Karen Ressler

Manga artist Akimine Kamijyō (Samurai Deeper Kyo, Code:Breaker) announced on Twitter earlier this month that the two-chapter manga Kobayashi Shōnen to Futei no Kaijin: Edogawa Rampo 'D-zaka no Satsujin Jiken' yori (Young Kobayashi and the Lawless Mystery Man: From Rampo Edogawa's "The Case of the Murder on D. Hill") will get a sequel.

Kamijyō posted a preview image of the sequel. The kanji character for "secret" is written over the text.

Kamijyō published the manga in November and December in Kodansha's Weekly Young Magazine.

The manga is based on renowned Japanese mystery novelist Rampo Edogawa's 1925 short story "The Case of the Murder on D. Hill." The story is the first in Edogawa's series about the fictional private detective Kogorō Akechi. In the original short story and series, the character Yoshio Kobayashi leads the Boy Detectives Club and is Akechi's apprentice. The boy often dresses in disguise as a young woman to help solve mysteries.

Update: This year's 10th issue of Weekly Young Magazine is revealing on February 6 that the new manga will be a one-shot titled "Kobayashi Shōnen to Futei no Kaijin: Edogawa Rampo 'Shinri Shiken' yori" (Young Kobayashi and the Lawless Mystery Man: From Rampo Edogawa's "The Psychological Test"). Shueisha will publish the 70-page chapter in the 11th issue of the magazine on February 13. The manga will have a color page.

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