Shuho Sato's The Isle of TOKKOU Manga Takes Unexpected Break

posted on by Rafael Antonio Pineda

The May 12-19 issue of Houbunsha's Weekly Manga Times magazine revealed on April 28 that Shuho Sato's The Isle of TOKKOU (Tokkou no Shima) manga took an unexpected break for the issue. The statement from the editorial department said that while Sato tried his best to publish a chapter in the issue, in the end he couldn't make it. While the front cover of the issue indicated that the manga would be present in the issue, the editorial staff could not remove the text from the cover in time. The editorial team apologized for the delay.

The manga deals with the stories of soldiers in the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy during 1944 and 1945, particularly with the training of the pilots of Kaiten manned suicide torpedoes. The Kaiten suicide torpedoes were one of a number of suicide attack units that the Imperial Japanese Army and Navy dubbed "Special Attack Units" or "tokkō-tai (from which the "TOKKOU" the title originates).

Sato launched the manga in Weekly Manga Times in 2004, and publishes chapters of the manga irregularly. Houbunsha published the manga's eighth compiled book volume (seen right) in November 2015.

Sato is also known for the Say Hello to Black Jack and Umizaru manga. Umizaru ran in Weekly Young Sunday magazine, and it follows the lives of divers in the Japanese Coast Guard. Four live-action films and two live-action television series based on the manga have been produced.

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