Kaiju Girls Anime's 2nd Season Listed With 12 Episodes

posted on by Karen Ressler

Retailer Amazon's listing for the Blu-ray Disc box set for the second season of Kaijū Girls ~Ultra Kaijū Gijinka Keikaku~ states that it will include "all 12 episodes." The set is slated for May 2 in Japan.

The first season, which premiered via streaming in September 2016, also had 12 episodes that shipped on one box set.

Crunchyroll debuted the second season worldwide except in Asia on Tuesday.

The anime is part of Tsuburaya Productions' Ultra Kaijū Gijinka Keikaku project, which transforms kaijū (monsters) from the Ultraman live-action special-effects series into cute, female anthropomorphized monsters. The project has four distinct versions. The "POP version" features character designs by POP, and has picture books and drama CDs, as well as the above-mentioned manga. The "Kadokawa version" includes the Ultra Kaijū Gijinka Keikaku Galaxy Days four-panel manga by Bakutendo, and the Kaijū Girls ~Ultra Kaijū Gijinka Keikaku~ anime shorts. The project also includes figures by Plex, and a "Kodansha version," which includes the Ultra Journey - Twin Tail Shōjo to Twin Tail na Boku manga.

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