Tatsuki's 'Keifuku-san' Short Gets TV Broadcast on March 27

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Anime director TATSUKI (Kemono Friends) revealed on Tuesday that his "Keifuku-san" anime short will air on Tokyo MX on March 27 at 1:00 a.m. (effectively March 28 morning).

TATSUKI posted the full version of the five-minute short in December. He previously posted the beginning of the anime in two shorts. TATSUKI released the short on DVD on February 19, delayed from its original February 5 release due to a larger amount of pre-orders than expected. The release topped Amazon Japan's anime DVD best seller and overall DVD best seller lists shortly after going on sale for pre-order.

TATSUKI created the short with irodori, the three-person independent animation group that worked with the studio Yaoyorozu to produce the Kemono Friends anime. Besides TATSUKI, the members include Yūko Shiromizu and Yoshihisa Isa, the art director and animation director on Kemono Friends.

Yukari Hanamori provided the voice, and Kurenai 88 and Toshifumi Tsuzuki collaborated on the sound. TATSUKI revealed in October that he was recruiting experienced background artists for an unannounced project.

TATSUKI and irodori are also working on a new anime titled "Hentatsu." TATSUKI debuted the first part in January after first posting an image of the two characters on the train platform of the Chūō (Rapid) Line's Nakano station in Tokyo. The first part features what appears to be a location from irodori's "Keifuku-san" anime short. TATSUKI and irodori teased a new television anime project with a flier at Comic Market in December.

TATSUKI reported in September that, per a notification from publishing and production company Kadokawa, he is no longer working on the Kemono Friends project. Soon after, the anime's official website announced that the studio Yaoyorozu would no longer be involved. Producer Yoshitada Fukuhara confirmed in December that Yaoyorozu will not return.

Source: Animate Times

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