Splatoon Will Have 'Shocking' Announcement on June 9

posted on 2018-05-14 11:00 EDT by Karen Ressler

This year's June issue of Shogakukan's Coro Coro Comics magazine announced on Tuesday that the Splatoon franchise will have "news that will shock the world" on June 9 on the magazine's official Twitter account and news website. The magazine did not state if the news will be related to the game, manga, or some other media. The tease features a "mysterious emblem" shaped like the Japanese katakana character "su" (ス), which is the first character used in writing "Splatoon."

Press conferences at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) will begin on June 9, although Nintendo's press briefing will be held on June 12.

Nintendo released the first Splatoon game for the Wii U in May 2015. Splatoon 2 shipped for Nintendo Switch last July. The games center on "Inklings," who are beings who can transform between human and squid form. The game pits players in a fight for territory as two teams fight to cover their battlefield with their respective paint colors.

Viz Media licensed Sankichi Hinodeya's manga adaptation of the first game and shipped the second volume on March 13. The first game also inspired Kino Takahashi's Honobono Ika 4-Koma manga and the Play Manga story collection by various artists. Hinodeya also drew a one-shot for Splatoon 2.

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