Koei Tecmo Trademarks 5 'Musō' Titles

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Game developer KOEI Tecmo Games filed trademarks for "Isekai Musō" (Other World Warriors), "Gakuen Musō" (Academy Warriors), "Tensei Musō" (Reincarnation Warriors), "Musō Play" (Warriors Play), and "Musō Mode" (Warriors Mode) on July 30. The trademarks were made public on Tuesday.

Musō is the series title for KOEI Tecmo Games' series of hack-and-slash action games, which is titled Warriors in the West. Omega Force develops most of the Musō/Warriors titles under KOEI Tecmo Games.

KOEI Tecmo Games trademarked "Baseball Musō," "Tennis Musō," and "Soccer Musō" in January 2018.

KOEI released the first Sangoku Musō (Dynasty Warriors) game in 1997 for the PlayStation as a spinoff of its Romance of the Three Kingdoms strategy game franchise. Since then, KOEI and KOEI Tecmo have released eight more games in the main series, and numerous spinoffs (including the Samurai Warriors series). Dynasty Warriors 9, the ninth game in the main series, shipped in February 2018.

Many of the spinoffs involve collaborations with other franchises, such as Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage, One Piece Pirate Warriors, Dragon Quest Heroes, Arslan: The Warriors of Legend, Hyrule Warriors, and Berserk and the Band of the Hawk. KOEI Tecmo also released the Warriors All-Stars crossover game in August 2017.

Source: J-PlatPat via Gematsu

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