1st Monster Rancher Game Port Revealed for Switch, Smartphones

posted on by Alex Mateo

Japanese gaming news website Famitsu revealed on Tuesday that the port of KOEI Tecmo's first Monster Rancher (Monster Farm) game will be available for Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. More information, including the port's new elements, will be available in the next issue of Kadokawa's Famitsu magazine, which will ship on Thursday. Famitsu also revealed a screenshot for the game.

The first game in the Monster Rancher series debuted for the PlayStation console in 1997. The game tasks players with raising a variety of monsters to fight in tournaments, with the game deciding how to raise the monster, which then determines how the monsters fight. A notable feature of many games in the series is the ability to generate a random monster dependent upon discs that the player provides for the game to read.

The latest entry in the series is My Monster Rancher, a smartphone game that debuted in 2011.

The game series inspired a 73-episode TV anime series that ran from 1999 to 2001.

Sources: via Siliconera

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